• We have researched the problem solving tools to figure out which one would work best (PDCA, DMAIC, 8D, etc.).  Toyota uses PDCA.  The best approach, I’ve read, is the one your company standardizes all problem solving on.  I believe a company should standardize on one problem solving methodology so everyone is using the same approach.  A common met…[Read more]

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    If my process were not normal, then the Cpk would have little,  if any validity at all.  After reviewing the calculations for Cpk, I would predict the PPM out of spec would be the same for either process.  The improvement method would be much easier for the shifted process, as long as the adjustment to center was simple.  Reducing the spread of…[Read more]

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    If both processes had the same tolerance, then the shifted process would have to have a smaller std dev in order to achieve the same Cpk.  Forgot any mention of the previous “5 letter word”.  Statistically, the defects may be smaller for the shifted process, but practically speaking, is the difference even worth the mention?

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    What is correct, they produce the same number of defects or the off center process would produce less?  Please explain a bit more for the theory side.  Are you considering just this point in time, any 1.5 sigma shift over time, etc.?

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    Hi all. We have a National laboratory accreditation system in Australia overseen by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities).  I noted in another discussion thread on ISO and SS that in the US some work is occuring to bring together indistry standards, ISO, and Lean SS in an over arching framework for clincal laboratories. Am I co…[Read more]

  • Many thanks for the responses

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    AJ … I attended a 1 week GB program at a customer’s site.  30 hours between long breaks and 1/2 day Friday.  The 20+/- 3 modules were taught by about 15 different instructors … ugh.
    My company’s GB program is 2 weeks for operational or transactional, then there’s 3 weeks for LDFSS GB classes.  Also instructors are 2-3 per week and of a hi…[Read more]

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    I’ve done a few inventory projects, none as a Kaizen event, but the opportunity is certainly there to hold one.  Key for you will be a cross-functional team … consider a major supplier, if available a person from a sister division that has either a similar issue or has made some headway, and of course the customer (folks pulling fr…[Read more]