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    Our hospital is working on five specific areas of throughput, all specifically relating to the ED patients being admitted to the hospital. One of these five is our housekeeping process, of which turn time is a metric we are monitoring.
    From the Advisory Board, via a coworker of mine, bed turn benchmark is one hour. I personally have not seen this…[Read more]

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    I would also be intersted in the pp slides!
    [email protected]

  • We are looking for someone to work in our Puerto Rico facility.

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    just curious, what is the ‘protected’ t-test? 

  • with no disprespect to the previous post, I find it troublesome that we insist on making what should be an easy concept difficult for the masses.  Cpk is now used for short-term, Ppk for long term studies.  While both sides make compelling arguments, go with the modern definitions. 

  • The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook was a good reference (published by ASQ).  Ironically there are several errors in the book (not what I would expect from ASQ press), but the book follows the ASQ SSBB Body of Knowledge very well, and provides a good reference as a study guide for the exam.  It includes practice questions for each c…[Read more]

  • Good morning,
    Do you have the computer program Minitab to help with the control charts?  If so, you can use the I-MR, Xbar-R, or Xbar-S charts depending upon what your group size is.  Minitab will determine your outliers, SD, and mean.  Otherwise, that part will have to be done by hand (Excel).  If you’re trying to prove a hypothesis, the way the…[Read more]

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    Thank you for your information.

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    I think what he would like for me to do is find out what I can about 6S, figure out a plan of action, work with a specific department to determine what is taking place (problem area), collect data, and report my findings to get to the bottom line. The catch is, he wants me to put forth some of my research of 6S to get there. I think he would…[Read more]

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    I am actually looking for ways to create a story board for a specific area of our company. I need to learn as much as possible in concern to creating a story board and presenting it. Any advise is appreciated.

  • Is the 50% in a manufacturing enviroment or transactional or does it matter?

  • I would highly recommend picking up the book, “Implementing Six Sigma” by Forrest W. Breyfogle III.  Understanding the background and how other companies have introduced Six Sigma programs should ground you very well for deploying your own program.   

  • Good direct marketers use a DMAIC approach every time they create a new campaign.  (Direct marketers solicit customers with the purpose of generating a sale directly from the solicitation, generally through mail, telemarketing, TV, etc.).  For example:
    Define: Direct marketers have a goal of beating beat the performance (e.g. response rate)…[Read more]

  • To clarify: calculate process z for binomial data, and summarize poisson.with more than just a control chart.  JMP does not currently do it- certainly you could even use Excel for counting and creating control charts. 

  • Stan,
    Brett requested a tool and Minitab is one solution.  Minitab 14 is the current release that is available for purchase.  The product sells itself, no need for hype.  If Brett already has version 13, he could certainly use it.  By the way, SAS/JMP 5.1 (the latest release) does not perform capability studies for discrete data. 

  • Brett,
    Yes, you can perform capability studies for discrete data- Binomial or Poisson in nature.  Minitab 14 will do this for you.  Binomial for discrete data where the number of defective items out of the total number inspected is available- and Poisson for discrete data that is associated with the number of defects observed in/on an item. 

  • Sandy – I would be interested to see a copy of the sales audit sheet that I have read about in this discussion thread.  Would it be possible for you to send a copy to me???
    Thanking you in advance – Jennifer

  • There are two things I would like to respond to…
    I agree with Geoff that IT is an enabler in an organization. It can be very detrimental to the company if IT pushes the products out rather than enabling the users to do what they are prepared to do. We used to be the ones to push the new technology… and saw many large projects fail. Thank…[Read more]

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    I currently work for a large corporation as a Black Belt who works closely with MBB’s.  I can tell you that working for a large corporation will definitely bring with it political bureaucratic red tape.  It is unavoidable in a large corporation with multiple layers fo management.  I would suggest looking into how your role as MBB wo…[Read more]