• Thanks for Replying and I completely agree with you. However I can see in lots of JDs that they need
    professional with 2 to 3 years of Experience as BB.
    Now, I do have the Experience of handling the
    projects but not on papers and without a ‘Paper
    Experience’, how will I be able to demonstrate my
    tool knowledge, Change management skills…[Read more]

  • Jha replied to the topic Six Sigma Online in the forum General 13 years, 1 month ago

    I have heard only about ‘ASQ’ which is recommended all across the world.

  • Jha replied to the topic sample project in the forum General 13 years, 2 months ago

    Yes it can be. There is no global standard which
    differentiates a GB and BB project. Companies may set
    different parameters or standards for themselves.In some companies, the differentiation is due to the
    revenue that can be generated from this or the scope
    of the project etc.In your case, it has to be a project involving DMADV

  • Jha replied to the topic BPMS in the forum Finance 17 years ago

    thanks for your reply. i am doing BPMS in banking sector in Liabilities products. I have just started and completed for few processess. But i like to track the SLA and the actual TAT also in the same. My  mail id is [email protected]

  • Jha replied to the topic 6 Sigma Project in the forum General 17 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Alex,
    There is no tool to know if a project will be successful, because the success of a project mainly depends on effective implementation. Selecting a project starts with identifying a need or a defect in the existing process. Identify who is going to be immediate beneficiary of your project and discuss with them to work out the magnitude o…[Read more]

  • I am working in quality field for last seven years & am exposed to the latest tools.I want to do a certification & have already spoken to my superiors including the plant head but my company does not have any interest in six sigma initiatives.
    How can I independently  go ahead for the certification & is finance manager’s signatures a must for s…[Read more]

  • Dear Vishal,
    I am also interested in knowing about the duration ,fee and the trainings etc,If you could mail the details at http://mailto:[email protected].
    Many Thanks

  • Jha replied to the topic GE 6 sigma a joke? in the forum General 21 years, 3 months ago

    I was shocked to see ur comments on such a powerful tool which has created history in the entire world of production, financial operations.
    I had worked with the same company u are working at present. The concept of six sigma is not only projects which take longer time but it also encourgaes small and quick solutions for problems. The nature…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    As far as implementing six sigma is concerned, the depth is in identifying Rewards and Recognition’s for people. This can be done by implementing the concept of target and achievement. For example the target sigma to be performed is 4.5 and the person is at 6.0 sigma consistently he would be entitled for a reward which might in cash or thru a…[Read more]