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      If you have BB certification program after the Six Sigma training, then one of ways you can tie to your training program is that each BB needs to mentor some numbers of GBs as one of BB certification requirements. But this requires good project tracking system. The system needs to monitor cost savings by each GB. It also requires good project…[Read more]

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     Your Co and Cpk are correct.
     The process is not centered. The process mean is nearer towards USL (more than 3 std dev from USL) and very far from LSL (more than 13 std dev from LSL) .
    The manufacturer needs to reduce the mean .

  •    When you say Six Sigma tools to use do you mean statictical tools? I suggest you start with basic tools like Detail Process Mapping and Root Cause Analysis (Fish bone or FMEA). From these you understand your problem better and have some knowledge to set the direction of your project.

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       You can use “Test for proportions”

  •   Sorry, can’t really suggest specific solutions here but I experienced this problem a few times when the data is copied from Excel. It’s like Minitab not treating them as numbers (data type problem). Another time it happened was when I had zeros as some of my data points. Also sometimes it’s caused by missing data points for some factors.…[Read more]

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       Control charts is to control our Xs and to understand voice of the processes. LSL and USL can be described as numbers that represent voice of the customer. I would not put them on same page because it can make the user, process owner or project leader feels the process is OK, good and stable and there’s no need to improve further just becau…[Read more]

  •   Hi Stan,
      Sorry didn’t mention clearly on the ranges of error.
      Error less than 10% : Excellent
      Error between 10% to 30% : OK
      Error more than 30% : Data not OK (either repeatibility ot reproducibility problem)
      Through experience, it is VERY hard to get less than 10% error. So that’s why I mistakenly stated error should be betwe…[Read more]

  • 1)  When do you report the project benefit?  Upon the conclusion (i.e., the Executive Presentaion, the Control Phase?) or after the full implementation (all recommendations in place/ completed)?
        Projects benefits are reported after all control items are implemented . Control items means “the activities needed to ensure sustainance of the co…[Read more]

  • First of all, you need to know what are the customers expectations. Do a market survey or get some benchmark from same service type. Then from each expectation do some measurement of your existing system . It can be Binary scale (Meet Expectations vs Not meet Expectation) or some continuous scoring method (from 1 to 10 for example).
    Only from th…[Read more]

  • Looks like your company is focuing on utilizing Six Sigma to improve quality. First of all, the basic – Six Sigma focuses on voice of customer. You need to take a look at bigger picture of your business and measure the Cost of Poor Quality (inspections cost, rework cost, warranty costs,etc) of all products line in your company . Or, if the data is…[Read more]

  •    Gage R&R is used to validate our data before going to next step in the problem solving. In your case, sound like you need machine calibration first, if applicable. Then start measuring using the equipment and later verify the measurement on same part using another equipment. Error should be between 10% to 30% for the data to be considered re…[Read more]

  •     What methodology to use is a question to answer only when we have defined the problem speficically. Also it would help if you have your company Value Stream Map to help locate where is the problem in relation to your company value stream or total lead time to customer.
         Use kaizen if the solution is obvious. Also when the obvious solutio…[Read more]

  •   GE Lighting or GE Consumer Products have plants in Shanghai and they implement Six Sigma.

  • Since the purpose of VSM is to help us understand overall flow of materials and information so that we can identify flow improvement opportunities (future state map), I suggest you use the lead time and distribution frequency on the day of observation/mapping for that particular product family. i.e start with most important product family (…[Read more]

  • It’s not quantity of projects, it the impact to the manufactuirng cost of poor quality (can be delivery-related projects or quality improvement projects).
    However if you still want a figure, for BB a good duration of a project is 6 months per project. So in a year there should be 2 high-impact projects.
    Your finance back ground is good to help…[Read more]

  • 1. Understand the needs of your customer. Six Sigma benefit will be felt only if we start with customer needs. So, the receiver of the bio-medical instruments must have some expectations from your company.Find out what are the expectations and make the expectations as quantitative as possible
    2.  Identify improvement opportunities from the…[Read more]

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    1. Management understanding of Six Sigma is important.Ensure the top management have been trained as Champion.
    2. Black Belts credibility and influence .Black Belts need to expand their level of influence by showing results from Six Sigma projects.Focus on few critical issues or area as a start. Even the areas should be identified by the…[Read more]