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    The book mentioned above has a few case studies that actually start with business VoC. But you are right, ITIL and Six Sigma are separate animals, but very complementary. In fact, ITILv3 talks about incorporating Six Sigma in the new Continual Service Improvement stage.
    ITIL helps you establish consistent processes and Six Sigma helps you improve…[Read more]

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    I concur with the post tools.  One large problem for anyone involved in quality, SS, Lean, or other program is the number of terms, definitions, and tools that are out there.  The MBB and GB know many, but try to teach this to staff who already have their corporate glossary to contend with and it becomes nfo overload/shutdown (here they go ag…[Read more]

  • I would love to see the bank teller simulation, too.
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  • Oh sh… I was so deep into reading info that didnt notice the date at all :-) Well, I went through the Q&A but did not see any section with a similar issue – how can a novice learn on his own. Or did I omiss something again? :-)Shortly: I am inbetween jobs now and want to use the time for certifying as a BB. I am already in contact with a trainer…[Read more]

  • Hi everybody,”Implementing Six Sigma” sounds great and I consider buying it since going to train for BB. Is it transactional?

  • I am a BB at a 800+ bed facility.  We are in our second year of SS, with 2 trained BB, 2 in training and 3 GB in training.
    St. John’s Health System – Springfield Mo

  • Marcos, I am just getting started with the BB training and am unemployed and therefore need to find a company & project. I worked in the hotel industry for 26 yrs. A business travel project also interests me. Would you mind sharing?
    Claudia…also can you tell me the direction that you were planning to take? Maybe we can compare notes.…[Read more]

  • Suneel, will you please email me your Power Point presentation? Thank you very much. Janet

  • I’d be happy to share some of the ideas and methods used in my project.  I am just finishing Measure right now.  I’m not sure exactly what type of information you are looking for, but I’ll just share some of the measures we have used thus far. 
    The two main areas of measure at this stage are turnover rates and tenure.  When I say tenure, I def…[Read more]

  • The idea of looking  at performance of those who have left is a topic that has been brought up.  I will be bringing this up with my team members at my next meeting to decide what the best way is to capture this data.  The concern I have is that the performance appraisal data may not show the full picture, because there is a large enough pr…[Read more]

  • I am a Black Belt currently working on a turnover project for a portion of our company.  I have completed Define and have been working on Measure for almost a month.  I am still waiting for some data from our HR dept. and hope to send out some surveys to our employees to learn what they believe are main reasons for turnover.  I will add this to th…[Read more]