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  • This has been a very interesting thread, so I have to add my two-cents…
    I’ve been a passionate follower of a great many quality philosophies and methodologies for the last 17 years, and though I too have my MBA with a specialty in Quality Management, I continue to find out how little I really know as I try to apply the overall philosophy and…[Read more]

  • Jim Braun replied to the topic ASQ BB Exam in the forum General 18 years, 5 months ago

    Original MBB,
    Six Sigma concepts are not new, though there have been some reorganizing of long-proven and improved quality theories/concepts.  ASQ has been a body of professionals (like many of us responding to your posting) attempting to promote old and new quality concepts for decades.  ASQ has also been recognized as the university accr…[Read more]

  • Fin,
    1 How did you get the customer satisfaction rating  for each operator, is it a case of random surveys of callers?.
    Answer: Our clients used a couple of different processes.  Two of our clients used web-based survey processes that asked the customer to go take a survey after support was provided.  However, since the client had outsourced th…[Read more]

  • Vinay,
    It seems you’re asking some very general questions requiring very complex and specific answers.  If you can give some further information to clarify some of your generalities, I may be able to assist.
    (1)   Please define the key customer process you are referring to.
    (2)   Please define the current metric you are…[Read more]