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    John Chi Keong Wong

    Hi all,
    Regarding the question “Six Sigma/TQM – Which is better?”, my opinion is to look at all the available tools, methodologies, frameworks and philosophies and choose which are effective for the organisation to use to achieve its vision and mission.
    For example, the Balanced Score Card and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award frameworks state that we should have a balanced perspective of a company’s development. Use it if you think that it is good.
    For example, the DMAIC methodology in Six Sigma is a systematic way to solve problems in the department, institute it.
    What about Deming’s 14-point philosophy? If you think point 6 “institute training on the job” makes sense, implement it as a company’s culture.
    I have personally used a lot of the ANOVA and DOE tools to find the root cause of issues and optimise processes way back in 1996.
    Six Sigma and TQM can be anything to anybody. No one is right or wrong. Ultimately, the winner will be the one who is able to use them to create the greatest company in the world to work for (employees), to work with (suppliers, distributors, partners) and to buy from (customers). It does not mean that such a company will have the highest revenue, lowest cost, largest market capitalisation or best shareholder value.
    Feel free to comment. :)
    John Wong

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