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    There is a lot of information in Minitab, particularly the StatGuide which is accessible in a context specific fashion in whatever module you are trying to complete. There is also the tutorial sessions which walk you through a lot of the common graph themes/issues.
    Refer to the Help menu for more information.
    If you understand what the graph is…[Read more]

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    As someone who teaches ASQ material within a university/ industry partnership program I can add to Angelina’s comments by saying that the requirements of passing the ASQ certification examination far exceed anything that you would typically be asked to achieve in an industry based training scheme. There are no computers in the ASQ exam; ANOVA…[Read more]

  • Mike,
    I guess the classic 6S response of ‘it depends’ really applies here as the individual situation will determine the duration of the project. Use of Project Management techniques (network scheduling, Gantt charts) could help but really you & your steering committee would need to evaluate each project & agree a timeline.
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    Please feel free to contact me. I work for an Emerson division and we have a whole recognition program that we provide recognition for members of Continuous Improvement Teams. 1st off, we track teams via a home-built global db. If an emplyee participates on 5 teams in a fiscal year, they receive a nice framed certificate. If they serve on 10…[Read more]

  • How much understanding do you have on the theory behind control chart applications and why 3 sigma limits are used?

  • Hey Guys,I need a topic for my graduate project or thesis in Quality Assurance and am thinking of performing a project on something related to Lean Six Sigma. Do you guys have any suggestions for me in terms of topics? Please provide me with some project or thesis ideas.

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    Hi..I am new to MSA, and am doing some own studies.
    I noticed that most tests are made on 10-3-3 version (10 parts, 3 appraisers, 3 trials). I was wondering whether there are other combinations (eg 5-2-2, 20-4-6..). Plus, can the 10-3-3 formulas/calculations applied to those other versions? How about the constant values of K1, K2 and K3 ?
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    I have just finished Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and three activities (1 BB project, 1 VSM, and 1 Kaizen Event) in order to get BB certified. I am now planning on taking DFSS and looking around for best institute. I would suggest you to jump right into it since you already have Six Sigma basis. Good Luck!

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    I also am very interested. Where are the attachments?

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    Thanks Erik.
    My mistake, the formula should be
      LCLp = pBar-3*(pBar(1-pBar))^0.5/n^0.5
    From the formula, LCL can be negative if pBar is small or n is small.
    Just like to know, if LCL is negative, what can i do ?
    What is requirement of binomial ?

  • Sorry if my question confuse you all.
    What i want to say is that,    1) at initial stage, without collect any data, i fix Cp and the spec torelance, i calc the Std_Dev.   2) i calc RBar from Std_Dev.  (RBar=d2*Std_Dev)   3) and i calc A2*RBar from RBar.
    So, can i use “this” A2*RBar as economic control limit at initial stage ?Or Is there any…[Read more]