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    Hello Mr. Tony,
    In response to your query, I have following inputs,
    firstly the approach that you have mentioned is quite good and on track, it was very similar to the way we approached the DPMO calculation for engineering drawings.
    We used to have a form wherein we would write the defects and was later on calculated by the person who receives the drawing.
    Secondly as the rule says, more the opportunity of defects better the DPMO (Ofcourse that doesn’t mean one should neglect all the opportunites of defects).
    Thirdly and probably most important is that, at what stage are the defects identified and calculated. i.e Is it that defects are calculated after the drawing is passed on to the Internal supplier or the defects are calculated when the person who makes the drawing and then immediately idetifies his initial error as an defect.Since the logic is if it send to the internal supplier after number of errors identified and corrected before, than the counting of defects are already discounted.
    This are just some of the suggestion out of experience, hope the reply helps you.
    thanks and best regards 

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