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    In my work, I find both to be vital.  I use Excel for data mining, Pivot Tables, and detailed graphing, but Minitab (or other stats software) is important to me for ANOVAs, DOEs, etc which can be done in Excel but are lightning quick in Minitab.  I have used SPSS as well which seems to be slightly more powerful but less intuitive than Minitab. 

  • Caterpillar fully implemented 6 Sigma globally in 2001 and was accreditive in its projects versus the roll-out costs.  We now have over 900 Blackbelts worldwide and are working toward 10-15% Greenbelts.  All CAT employees have received 6 Sigma introduction.  So far, implementing a 6 Sigma culture is going very well for us.

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    Another way of thinking about degrees of freedom is to image that you ask 100 people to pick a number between -infinity and infinity so that the mean of all the numbers is exactly zero.  99 of the people can pick any number they want, but the 100th person HAS to pick a specific number.  He is not “free” to pick what he wants.  Thus the degrees of…[Read more]

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    I apoligize if having a fun and witty approach to my work offenses anyone.  I spend 50-60 hours a week working on projects and a little levity (yes, came to me over a weekend) is always helpful.  I find humor and tongue and cheek can reduce stress greatly.  But for those who spent 100% on VA work, more power to you.