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  • Variable, one more data point here.
    In GBG/BB projects we do not stipulate what tools to be used and at what level. We try to gauge this during project selection (i.e. – “easier” projects to Green Belts) but it is difficult at times when we “don’t know what we don’t know.” Therefore, certain GB projects may require additional BB/MBB support.
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  • Do not train green belts yet. Have a training session for the leadership first and have them understand Six Sigma as a system. Once they see the overall picture, the questions on whether to train green belts will be answered.
    Training green belts without leadership awareness and support of their roles in Six Sigma is a recipe for failure.
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    The ASQ BB certification is the first attempt to create a common gauge for measuring knowledge of Six Sigma tools and techniques through an exam.
    It’s not perfect but it is a good step in establishing a common measurement system (for at least one dimension) to a methodology that preaches variability reduction. As JediBlackBelt mentioned, several…[Read more]

  • Gemma,
    Your task is not easy. The problem is yet compounded by the fact that several companies use the Six Sigma methodology but do not call it as such. There are several reasons for that, including marketing strategy and copyright concerns.
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  • Try first “The Six Sigma Way” by Pande, Neuman, Cavanagh for a decent managerial overview.
    For actual tool usage and implementation, try “Implementing Six Sigma” by Forrest Breyfogle
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  • There is no official standard.
    Typically a company will hire consultants or develop their own materials.

  • I generally agree with the 1-year horizon for calculating project financial performance. I would add that to fully materialize that one must confirm that the process improvement has indeed been sustained over that 12-month period (at a minimum).
    Control charting and quarterly audits is one way of doing that effectively.
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  • SSS,
    A couple of areas come to mind as fertile ground for projects that can drive significant performance improvement: supply chain and customer service.
    Does the plant where you work has control over these functions or are they managed elsewhere in the organization?
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  • This question is tighly linked to project selection and scoping. In general terms, assuming projects are correctly selected and sized, projects should be completed within 4 to 6 months.
    Projects that last longer than that should be broken down into sub-projects. Six motnhs is a long time in most business cycles.
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  • Darth,
    The success stories abound: GE, Sony, Honeywell, etc. However, we must note that most of these firms are large and their measurement of “success” may come from specific divisions.
    Take GE as an example. If you worked on GE’s Asset Management group you may say that Six Sigma is a great success at GE. If you interacted with the folks in…[Read more]

  • I can only add one more data point with regards to BoA. I have worked as a MBB for two large multinational companies and every so often I like to test he waters and see what other firms are doing.I have recently interviewed with BoA for a senior MBB role. There we multiple openings with different groups and I interviewed with a cross section of…[Read more]