TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018
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  • MBBinWI replied to the topic What Is Distribution? in the forum General 5 months ago

    @andycroniser – why don’t you provide your explanation and we can give you feedback?

  • @cseider – been quite busy, so haven’t had much chance to check out the board. Hope things are well with you.

  • @cseider – please check your private messages. Any interest?

  • @rubennicolas – depends on what you consider a “project.” At this point, you have already identified the issues, so Define isn’t needed. But essentially, yes, you attack each issue in order of potential results to be obtained. The biggest defect creator might not offer the best chance of reducing defects, so evaluate those you have identified…[Read more]

  • @rubennicolas – also, in the last 4 weeks you seem to have an inverse relationship between input and yield. Perhaps at lower inputs the process is better able to convert, so as inputs go up the conversion (yield) goes down. Food for thought.

  • @rubennicolas – after only 1 bad week you are considering that your results have stabilized at 93%? I see 3 weeks prior that are above 96%. I don’t think that your process has stabilized yet. You may have had some of the improvements slide back to the old method. I think you really need to establish some controls and ensure that they are…[Read more]

  • @dando – not sure exactly what you are trying to evaluate here. Typically, interactions are caused by the inputs, not a result of the outputs.

    In trying to understand your query, I took your data and did some sample graphical analysis. I took what you identified as the X value (input) and some of the Y (outputs) and graphed them. I used two…[Read more]

  • @djnrempel – as @straydog mentions, a control chart is used to evaluate stability. While you might get some use out of a control chart to evaluate changes caused by various programs, it would not be my first choice. I would instead be looking at an hypothesis test such as a two-sample t test, or perhaps more appropriately if you are applying a…[Read more]

  • @rbutler – still very funny. And I stand by my statement that selecting a p-value sets a line in the sand (one that is absolute, not like our previous president).

  • @rbutler – very interesting. When I teach (taught, as I hope not to have to teach this again, being back in the practitioner phase) about the p-value, I always emphasize that statistics is shades of grey, but when selecting a p-value, you are selecting between black and white. You must be willing to identify a level of significance that if it is…[Read more]

  • @mike-carnell – I’ll take your opinion over most people’s “facts.” Have a great Memorial Day!

  • @mike-carnell – sometimes people need to hear the truth. And sometimes that truth hurts.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic ASQ vs. Pyzdek in the forum Training 11 months, 4 weeks ago

    Billy – I won’t speak for my friend @mike-carnell, but I’ve never taken a certification at face value. Even from the most respected certifiers, there is considerable variation. Those who rely only on the certifying body usually don’t know what they are looking for nor how to evaluate those they are contacting. Thus, they are attempting to use a…[Read more]

  • @tgroves-EXTA – what you seem to be describing is a rolling average reported weekly of data from the past two weeks. This is a reasonable method of damping out noise/variation that occurs at a periodicity larger than the reporting period. It is not an average of an average. Your approach is well within acceptable practice.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Anything Really New in LSS? in the forum General 12 months ago

    @mike-carnell – I profess, I cannot remember the instance, but am sure it was well deserved ;-}

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Anything Really New in LSS? in the forum General 12 months ago

    @cseider @mike-carnell – it is a weekend to remember that our ability to pontificate without repercussion should not be taken for granted. So many had that ability cut short so that the rest of us could retain it. To the veterans out there – Thank You. To those who are the family members of those who gave all, our profound sympathy for your…[Read more]

  • @cseider – are you disparaging my current home? Having grown up in Minnesota, the winter here is actually mild ;-}

  • @Straydog – good point. I’ve interviewed some that had “certification”, even ASQ, but couldn’t reason through one of my favorite BB questions – what do you do when you have a GR&R of 70% and a process with a Cpk of 1.7? They have been trained to react to certain values, not think and understand what the data is telling them.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Anything Really New in LSS? in the forum General 12 months ago

    @cseider – I don’t usually rant here, saving that for my better half. Living by the adage that brevity is the soul of whit, I try to maintain a minimalist presence. Although certain topics can get me to pontificating vociferously.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic QFD Customer Requirements in the forum General 12 months ago

    @BuckeyeGuy92 – as @straydog identifies, what you are getting are specifications, not needs or requirements. This is the outcome of HOQ 1, not the starting point. You might consider these as the inputs to HOQ 2 and proceed to break these down into the specific design requirements.

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