SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2017
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  • @matt.mueller – no, that individual was looking for someone else to do their work for them. When presented with the suggestion of doing a simple search of the site and research the question, they obviously hadn’t done so, as there is plenty of information on the site that would answer most all their questions. Someone unable to do this minimum…[Read more]

  • @m.venkatesh100 – I don’t advocate using fewer decimals when conducting process improvement activities, but for legally required weight management, you should also examine what the precision requirement is versus the precision being recorded by the checkweigher. If your checkweigher has more decimal places than required by legal, then you should…[Read more]

  • @m.venkatesh100 – it is not often explicitly stated, but is an implicit requirement, that measuring equipment must be properly functioning before being used. This means current calibration, proper installation, and proper maintenance. You should have GO and NO GO samples of the product to use to verify the checkweigher is functioning properly…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic What Is CTQ? in the forum Tools & Templates 3 days, 9 hours ago – that’s one way. Doesn’t make it right (or wrong).

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Grey Zone in the forum New to Lean Six Sigma 4 days, 8 hours ago

    @m.venkatesh100 – a simple Bing search would reveal this as the first entry from Quality Progress

    Having some familiarity with checkweighers, this is a good description.

  • @cseider – I’m with you on the basic old 5S. Apparently, some whiz kid has added another S
    Spirit: As leaders understand the impact of company culture and the importance of respect for employees, the need for this additional component becomes clear. While some organizations successfully implement the traditional 5S method, many are choosing to…[Read more]

  • @meromell20i5 – since you have a large portion of the workforce that is contracted, you will face particular headwinds. These people will likely be resistant to anything that reduces the amount of time/work required. This is logical from their point as the less time/work the less they are needed. This is self-preservation.

    If you can formulate…[Read more]

  • @KKiru – why would anything in that table lead you to believe that the data is continuous?

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic What Is CTQ? in the forum Tools & Templates 4 days, 14 hours ago

    @KKiru – there are 1,150 citations found in a search on “CTQ.” Had you read even just the first 10 of these, most of your questions would have been answered (i.e.; did your own homework). Then, you could have asked a salient and meaningful question related to an issue you still didn’t understand. That would have garnered a positive response…[Read more]

  • @cseider – and just because it has a decimal, doesn’t mean you can treat it as continuous. But I know that you already knew that ;-)

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic What Is CTQ? in the forum Tools & Templates 5 days, 15 hours ago

    @Andy-Parr – normally these people either get the hint and start thinking for themselves, or they just go away. This one is quite persistent in their uselessness. Over here we’ve got the young generation who are helpless which we call “snowflakes.” They are so fragile that any little jolt fractures their ego, and a little heat makes them melt.

  • @KKiru – no, you’re looking for someone to do your thinking for you. We don’t do that here. Post your thinking and rationale, and you’ll get plenty of help. Continue to look for others to do the work for you and you will likely get terminated from the site. You really ought to think a bit before you post/reply. You have 35 pts, I have over…[Read more]

  • @meromell20i5 – I really feel sorry for you. Since you seem to be a co-op, and not invested in this company, one thing you should learn from this experience is that asking a co-op to do this should indicate the level of interest/involvement that the leadership has in this process. It should also be an indicator of whether they believe this…[Read more]

  • @KKiru – you put absolutely no effort into researching any question you post, even when told that you will find info here on the subject you ask about. Again, if you search this site for “continuous” and “discrete” I’m sure you will find much info to learn from.

  • @KKiru – yes, it is continuous or discrete. I hope this helps you.

    Stop wasting our time.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic What Is CTQ? in the forum Tools & Templates 1 week, 1 day ago

    @KKiru – Since you refuse to do any work on your own, even after being (rather gently) directed to do so, I will provide you an example. CTQ => Critical to Quiche. This is beating the eggs. You cannot create a proper quiche you must whip the eggs prior to blending with the other ingredients. This is the only way to get a light and fluffy…[Read more]

  • That looks correct.

    From your definition, you have two potential sources of error – 1) the “standard usage” amount, and 2) the measurement of the replacement oil used. As you dig into this deeper, keep these in mind.

  • Monica – What is your operational definition for oil waste? Is it how much is added to bring the amount up to regular level? Some of that would be absorbed by the items cooked. Different types and sizes will have different levels of absorption.

    To get back to your original question, variable data is no problem in determining DPMO. You…[Read more]

  • @68rs327 – other than incorrect rounding, this is the correct answer. Your colleague is probably mixing up percentage points improved (which would be 10) with percent improved, which as you indicate is (0.74/0.64)-1, which calculates out to 15.625 (or 15.63 rounded).

    You and your coworker should talk about clear definitions of terms, as the two…[Read more]

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