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  • @rajaniesh@rbutler has provided you some great advice. Another thing you should be doing is finding ways to error-proof your data entry. For example, instead of free-form data entry can you convert to a pull-down set of answers? Countries for example can be standardized so you don’t get “USA”, “America”, and “US” as various answers. For…[Read more]

  • @joelcwilson – when you say “snap on” torque wrench is that the brand or type (type being that you continue to exert torque force until the head “clicks”, these are called click-type torque wrenches where I am from)?

    That said, your question was – “What would comparing the standard deviations tell me?” The only thing it would tell you is which…[Read more]

  • @RuedigerHoffmann – While this might seem a rational approach, it is not based in logic. It works for price, but not costs. Costs must be apportioned with the overall outcome of the system in mind. Think of your automobile. The external skin has a relatively high value to the customer, but the relative cost, compared to other parts of the…[Read more]

  • @BudSixSigma – Bud: We won’t do your work for you here. But we will help you help yourself, but you need to try.

    Was your six sigma training pure SS or did you also have some lean process improvement methods?

    Why do you think you need a “capability study” on the time for this fabrication process? You state that the current time is 343…[Read more]

  • Nani (you should register to get an @name so that you will receive e-mail notices of reply’s so you don’t miss any of this profound wisdom).

    As my good friend @cseider has said, there are multiple aspects of variation that a GR&R is meant to uncover and by so doing, protect the quality of the product. These are: Variation from the measurement…[Read more]

  • @pierrot.nsanda – catspaw raises an important question – any good process improvement project will clearly define the problem to be addressed. You first need to identify the specific issue, one that should have an unambiguous measureable output.

  • @Enewport – as my friend @cseider says, of course you can 5S a process, but you may find more benefit to first perform a SMED exercise. While originally developed to improve physical change-overs of manufacturing equipment, you can perform the same type of analysis on a process. This will challenge everything that is being performed, when, and…[Read more]

  • @rbutler – If you need some help, I can add the mean/snarky response ;-}

  • @kaizen4all – In addition to my friend @Mike-Carnell suggested readings, I would encourage you to read “The Goal,” by Eli Goldratt. In it you will come to understand that every system has a constraint, and only by improving the constraint can you make real improvement. I’ve seen too many folks attack an issue because it has low capability,…[Read more]

  • @alfavictor1 – The purpose of a DOE is to establish the relationship among the variables. If you have a simulator, you already have that relationship, so no need for the DOE.

    You might want to look at taking your simulation and adding a Monte Carlo aspect to it. This will allow you to add the variation for the variables which can give you…[Read more]

  • @cseider – still might have, who knows?

  • @RoryOBrien – ah, but did you use a methodology? If so, then map out what you did. Otherewise, stop trying to fool your superiors.

  • Sandesh: You seem to be confused on the terms you are using. I believe you mean Cp, Cpk, and GR&R.

    As for your question on doing the analysis in 3 dimensions, that will depend. Is the item fixed and the instrument needs to be moved to the location to be measured? If so, that may influence the reading obtained. Are the dimensions…[Read more]

  • Sandesh: That will depend on who is requiring the capability data. For example, I had a recent stint as a QM for a Tier 1 auto supplier. The customer specific requirements demanded all special characteristics to have their own capability studies. Generally, for a specific characteristic – say drilling a hole – of the same tool in the same…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Black Belt Project Help in the forum Implementation 7 months ago

    @RoryOBrien – You seem to be trying to force a solution into a solution methodology. I wouldn’t worry so much on what you call the solution methodology.

    Since you have already “solved” the issue, it seems that you are more interested in demonstrating the solution is effective. In that vein, I would suggest that you create an apparatus that you…[Read more]

  • @shanecharlton – You first posted about 13 hours ago, and after only 4 hours of waiting, you are already jumping to decisions on how to proceed. I suggest you find a mentor – either from a local consultant or a community college or other individual who can review what you are looking at to provide some guidance.

    From what you posted, I would…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Regression Analysis in the forum Tools & Templates 7 months ago

    Excellent advice @rbutler ! I can’t tell you how often I’ve been mentoring a project and had the project leader be hoodwinked by such influential data points. When challenged, typically they will find out that those points had some irregularity about them. I always recommend to my belts that they start with a visual examination before they look…[Read more]

  • Excellent advice my friend @Mike-Carnell. How are things in the DR?

  • You will find a problem in any circumstance where there is less than the ideal situation. Thus, you can well imagine, there are problems everywhere! The real key is not in finding problems, but in selecting the right problems to fix.

    I would suggest you do some reading on Theory of Constraints (TOC) – start with the book “The Goal” by Eli…[Read more]

  • Excellent advice from my friend @cseider.

    You might want to number the batteries and the forklifts and gather some data on how long a charge is given to each battery and how long it takes in each forklift to run down. This will take some time to gather sufficient data to make any meaningful analysis.

    You will be looking for certain batteries…[Read more]

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