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  • There is instrumentation you COULD use if you’re adding the material into a process line. Other options also if not.

  • Minitab–copy and paste and keep formatting in place of the text results?

    Look at Minitab’s Assistant’s results for MSA for an idea.

  • What’s even more important is the variance equal across the region of results.

    After you have your reduced model, have you ran the process at the “optimized” settings to see if you get similar enough results–this is part of validating your model from the DOE.

  • Check out GPS or CS International. @mike-carnell can help you get in contact with these firms.

  • No

  • Project Selection, business engagement, team resources are all impactful

  • @cseider I just got back to this thread. Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact with anyone involved in R&R with respect to blood testing so there isn’t much I can offer.

  • @csetter The thread remains open so I don’t know why you weren’t able to submit your response initially. If you try again and still run into problems, please contact me at editor (at) isixsigma (dot) com with the specifics of what happens (e.g., are you getting an error message? what does it say?).

  • To my friend @rbutler
    Yes, can you imagine a check on a standard showing a large deviation indicating too low of WBC detected on an analysis in a hospital. Wait until the end of the month to report/act on it.

    I was wondering–if you privately could send some neat info on gage R&R’s in hospitals on blood testing? I have interesting conversations…[Read more]

  • I agree with @cseider – only I would add the adjective “expensive” to the word “wallpaper”.

    As to you measurements – it does not appear that you have any obvious grouping of the data just individual data points from various chemists. Under those circumstances I would recommend an IMR chart with the proviso of identifying the individual…[Read more]

  • Generating a monthly chart isn’t really SPC. If you don’t respond to out of control results in short order, it’s just wallpaper typically.

  • @katiebarry on the job always! :)

  • @csetter If you could point out the specific post you’re trying to reply to I’d be happy to take a look. As @rbutler stated, the thread may be closed. Or it might be an error.

  • A lot of the posts are locked and will say so at the very bottom. Frankly, given a time lag of 3 years it would probably be better to start a new thread. The started locking several years ago because people were not paying attention to the original thread date and were doing things like asking for information from the original poster who had…[Read more]

  • For a binomial outcome the regression method you would use is logistic regression. The final model is a log odds model of the form:

    log (odds Y) = b0 +b1*x1 +b2*x2+…etc. which means

    odds Y = exp(b0 +b1*x1 +b2*x2+…etc.)

    Depending on the program you are using the output will be either in the form of the beta’s, in which case you will need to…[Read more]

  • Michael Cyger replied to the topic Hello All! in the forum Welcome 2 weeks ago

    Welcome, Aaron! It’s great to have you in the community.

    I remember my first green belt project back at GE Capital way too many years ago. It’s an exciting time (and frustrating at times), but you’ll be all the better for completing it.

    Good luck and welcome to the group.

  • Let’s try for a re-cap.

    In your initial post you said, “I am learning DoE and want to simulate responses for fractional factorial design. As an input for simulation I want to use estimated effect sizes of main factors and some interactions. I know there is a formula for calculating effects from obtained responses:”

    If you want to do this…[Read more]

  • I’m still puzzled by “simulation” and the context.

  • Chris Seider replied to the topic Hello All! in the forum Welcome 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    welcome to the site and community. And you get some reputation points for just posting! :)

  • @gustavjung @gchollar is telling you the same thing I did but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. So again – define the response values for each of the experiments, (1,a,b, etc.) define your low and high values for each of the factors and fill in the factorial table and then build a regression equation which contains only the significant terms (use…[Read more]

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