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  • I assume you mean cycle time?

  • You’ll need some data to confirm you can wait 5 years but I would be skeptical. Unless you have zero turnover and no process variation in your equipment’s operation, I doubt you could state 5 years…not that 1 year is easy to justify either.

  • SPC charts on known standards can confirm gages are giving good, consistent results but it’s hard to justify to NEVER redoing a gage R&R.

  • I’d highly suggest you pareto out the defects and focus the process improvement project on one defect and worry about ppm or % defective reduction.

    Don’t “boil the ocean” and have a huge project scope.

  • Yes, use a sample but think of where your resources are so you can get a representative sample. Then figure out how to verify inputted data vs actual data and find your % correct.

  • The answer partly lies in the problem statement for your team’s charter. Are you trying to primarily reduce variation or shift the mean?

    If shifting the mean is the primary focus, don’t fret too much on outliers INITIALLY.

    Don’t forget about measurement system validity.

  • @Lulu17 It appears that you did not search the site before asking your question. This question has been addressed multiple times.

  • However, if it’s yield such as % of kg’s charged to a batch vs kg’s of final product, just make an I-MR chart unless you have some natural subgroups I can’t see.

  • The best of iSixSigma 2016 features the highlights of this year’s content – as determined by our readers.

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  • If you implement kanbans without finding out big issues, you’ll have disruptions to your business that will ruin the credibility of kanbans.

    You can’t “just implement” kanbans.

  • Chris Seider replied to the topic Hypothesis Testing in the forum General 4 weeks ago

    @rbutler Have a very merry holiday season.
    Tip a glass of sparkling grape juice or….at the new year and let’s hope for the best.

  • Katie Barry replied to the topic Hypothesis Testing in the forum General 1 month ago

    @rohit7989 It appears as if you did not search our site before asking your question. I suggest you start by reading what has already been posted on the subject. The iSixSigma audience is helpful, but they are not here to do your work for you.

  • @MBBinWi and @mike-carnell Happy holidays and may the new year be blessed for your families.

  • Minitab or any add in to excel can accomplish this.

  • Remember that Cpk is short term process capability so sure, sample 30 random samples out of a box to get an idea of the best capability but remember there are sources of variation you won’t have measured and that’s what Ppk is to accomplish.

  • I think this misses a key point. Sigma level on one side amounts to a defective rate. Both defective rates need to be added to get an overall sigma level (which is commonly done in software packages like […]

  • Memory Jogger is usually sufficient for basic tool usage questions.

  • Attach the analyzed data to get more insight from us.

  • If your facility has experience in SPC, you may need to consider electronic SPC charts to enter information and keep the unwieldiness (did I just make up a word? LOL) to a minimum.

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