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  • @MBBinWi and @mike-carnell Happy holidays and may the new year be blessed for your families.

  • @mtensign Please don’t forget to add The Goal that @MBBinWI suggested. It is a very good book and he is a very smart guy. Good luck.

  • @shanecharlton I agree completely with @MBBinWI. He is old (relatively) and grouchy (very) but he is right – you need to switch to decaf coffee. It is fun to see someone with your energy. We all still have the passion but you get old like @MBBinWI and you slow down a bit.

    If you are in Measure you do not have enough data to even be considering a…[Read more]

  • @alfavictor1

    A simulation of a production line MIGHT have process variability modeled into it but they are all approximations. I agree with @MBBinWI but I have seen an interesting case where a process was evaluated with various changes (e.g. see if more manpower or a second processing unit at a bottleneck would be better) to see if one was much…[Read more]

  • @MBBinWI

    Whew…I was worried someone didn’t come up with another process capability definition!
    Hope you avoid the bad weather in your part of the country this week.

  • @MBBinWI Interesting. I am still pushing hard there and another place to get a spot where we can work together again. I love having a guy on site that people believe is grouchier than me.

  • Calling in reinforcements: @cseider @MBBinWI

  • Well stated, my friend @MBBinWI

  • Chris Seider replied to the topic DMAIC for FMEAs in the forum Methodology 1 year, 4 months ago

    @MBBinWI It’s good to see you again giving your insights on the website.

  • @MBBinWI @cSeider My favorite was the Square on your computer screen that you put your head against and the knowledge was transferred to your head. That is what I love about the Moresteam staff. They know how to have fun.

  • Fuschia really? @MBBinWI I just prefer purple and gold. :)

  • @fabio71 @cSeider @rbutler @MBBinWI The people at Moresteam do some very entertaining stuff on this website. I love the ISSISSIPPI Announces New Product (TM Process Shapewear) a much less complicated improvement methodology.


  • Thank you all for your opinions and advices! I really love Six Sigma methodology mainly for the way how it approaches quality and fixes “quality issues” ( either customer claim or process improvement project). I agree with @Mike-Carnell and @MBBinWI as well. About one of comments of @Mike-Carnell, if I understood well, @Mike-Carnell was speaking…[Read more]

  • @MBBinWI I kept sticking that @MBBinWi on posts wondering how many times I was going to have to poke the sleeping bear with stick until he woke up.

    I have to do some QMS stuff and it really taxes my attention span so I keep this going in the background so I don’t have my brain turn into a blob of protoplasm.

    I haven’t heard that word purist is…[Read more]

  • @JRBGuy LSS is the same thing as RCA. I assume you have done a SS project or are at least certified as a belt of some sort. When was the last time you completed a project without getting to root cause because RCA is different than SS? I love these RCA methodologies that have this whole list of steps and step #4 is Root Cause Analysis. If step 4 is…[Read more]

  • Mike Carnell replied to the topic FTY=e-DPU in the forum Methodology 1 year, 10 months ago

    @cjdawgct As several people have tried to explain this is an estimate of Rolled Throughput Yield. It is an estimate. The higher the defect level the less accurate the estimate. Once you are over a 10% defect level it is probably inaccurate enough that you wouldn’t want to use it.

    When you are getting stats advice from @cseider, @MBBinWI and @MBBin…[Read more]

  • Kannan And? Is there a question in here somewhere?

    What have you tried? If you haven’t tried anything then take what @MBBinWI put out there and try with your sales numbers.

    I am sure someone is willing to step up and hand you a solution but in general it doesn’t happen here until you put some effort into it.

    Just my opinion.

  • Thanks everyone for the generous reply.
    My training did involve projects in the classroom, and is being guided by a champion, complete with the methodology and tools. The third assessment requires us to do it on our own.

    @cseider @MBBinWI @ShelbyJarvis, Our company doesn’t have a team solely dedicated to process improvement. Our structure is…[Read more]

  • Nicely stated @MBBinWI . I often give the clunky answer of long term sigma has most/all of the special causes which isn’t as intuitive of a statement.

  • @MBBinWi LOL

    Miss seeing you as a coworker.

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