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    Well, your answer is hidden in 2 questions that I want to ask from you…
    1. If your family is planning a vacation to Florida and you have the responsibility of booking the tickets – how do you book these – collective booking for all OR seperate bookings for each individual on different airlines and via different routes? Also, write down the…[Read more]

  • Intresting thoughts…and thanks for voicing them out.
    I think you are right, we should first understand what we mean by productivity. Also, we should look at identifying what we want to report out. Is it the effort required spent in an activity or the cases/reports resolved?
    I think effort spent in an activity is something that can yield[Read more]

  • That’s a good point. However, this metric and % of cases resolved is already there. But with a flip side – the cops discourage the booking of complaints…
    Apart from other reasons, this is also because of the fact that the force is understaffed. And these guys end up working more than they are supposed to, multi-tasking etc…
    Any other suggestions?

  • Hi,
    Since there are different things that you repair or differnt types of repairs- which means that segmentation is there and the data needs to be looked at seperately for each.
    Also, comparing of means is done post checking the normality of data.
    As we say, questions lead tools follow. What exactly do you want to do and why?
    Thanks – MM

  • Thanks Darth. It was a great example.
    Have a gr8 weekend.

  • Hi,
    I think Darth mentioned the correct way of approach as well as someone else who asked you to explore the definition of floppiness.
    No advice from me on this…
    But…I do have a question on transformation of data … why do we transform data OR in which situations should we transform data?
    If I should post this query in another…[Read more]

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    Urw. Also, it will be helpful to know what you want to do with the sample. In case of normal audit, I think the sample size calcs should do.
    In case, you want to do some specific test then use the following:
    In minitab: Stats > Power and sample size
    This may be useful to you. Read the help section if stuck.

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    Hi – this depends on what type of data you are capturing: Continuous or discrete. There are different sample size calculators for this.
    Also, in case you have JMP, it will help you take into account power etc. Though others in the forum will be able to shed more light on this. :)

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    Intresting question…
    I think there is a possibility of using DMAIC or DFSS as required. And I do agree with the other comments that six sigma tools can be utilized in their individuality.
    For example: Police response time to crime scene: Control charts can work here as well as DMAIC or DFSS ummm project as well.
    In the labs as well, we…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    First things first: Do a basic scoping of your project (Ppl of which tenure, which designation, which particular deptt. etc.). Determine the possible x’s that can cause attrition (for example: travel time to office, salary, last three ratings etc.)
    On the possible x’s, make your data sheet. Its easy to go then.

  • Hi,
    Before you proceed further, pls check if all the events are of same nature. If not, you may want to analyze them seperately.

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    Another way is understanding Voice of the Customer.  I would think that in the advertising world a thorough understanding of the customer wants and needs then doing a Kano analysis would help to ensure that you give the customer not only what they want, but will help you to provide some additional service or product that will delight them.  See a…[Read more]

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    Thanks Mr Kid for the reply.
    Currently there are 13 ppl in the team. We have done overtime and awarded ppl for that currently. I can not get more ppl on permanent basis since budget is not available for that – client is paying this much only.
    I was thinking of making some kind of model where I show that for x number of days I require 13+x number…[Read more]

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    Hi Ayyappan
    Madras Management Association is conducting 4 day GB certification workshop starting this week end ( 22 , 23 Mar & 29 , 30 Mar)
    Pl. contact them @ 044 – 24962766

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    Hi Neal – its the same process that they are doing – but since the work is lengthy, it has been divided into three parts. This has been done to ensure accuracy. I am trying to reduce the transportation time by trying to improve the work allocation method. I have thought of certain ideas like auto forward to the 1st team, who upon completion send…[Read more]

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    if the sample size is fixed – use p, if not –  use np

  • MM replied to the topic control chart in the forum General 14 years, 3 months ago

    P or np chart…

  • hmmm…I am currently in a trng and the instructor is saying that we require to check that…guess will have to read more about this…thanks.

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    I just got the ppt for same…thanks folks for the prompt help…appreciate this.

  • MM replied to the topic Statistical tests in the forum General 14 years, 7 months ago

    Thanks ATI…however this still does not completely solve my query…I am looking for atleast 2 examples each for these situations…can you help here?

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