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    I discover this discussion about Lego lean game . I try to build one, so  I will be very happy if somebody can send me send me details of the card drop game and the lego game
    Best regards
    email : [email protected]

  • Dear Freind
    After you find rootcause i.e final X  and find solution , you can do BETTER Vs CURRENT ( Shanin DOE Tool) to verify the improvements.
    If you need more literarature do tell me its available with me i have done verfication with many projects.
    Manu Chopra

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    Hi Cindy.
    You should go ahead and perform two different gage studies. The reason behind is, that there are two different products having different characteristics and the Quality of each product is judged diffrently.
    Whenever you have such a doubt just keep this in your mind as a golden rule : Who are the customers of that service or that…[Read more]

  • Thanks Jim.
    One more question. Which test shall I use. 2 sample T test or 2 Proportion Test.

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    That is an excellent question.  I am very curious to see the responses to that as well.

  • Birlasoft, based in Noida, offers six sigma consultancy.
    If you are interested, pls. let me know.

  • dear john
    I am not suggesting u anything regarding above subject rather seeking help from u.
    sir i m working as engineer in marketing and product application deptt. in copmany which manufacturs  Drill bits for PCB and precision mechanics.
    sir my querry is how can i use six sigma projects in MARKETING and do u have any case study .
    so t…[Read more]

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    You need to look at this the way you would like to focus on the process improvement.
    If the issue is in terms of MIG welding only, treat it as one opportunity, in that case you can count as  MIG weld defect per defective part .
    In other case if you feel that apart from welding there could be other issues which may lead to defect, treat each as…[Read more]

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    you are very right in saying that an aircraft industry would require higher 6 sigma level.
    But in general more industries in US are between 3-4 sigma level. 6 sigma level is a benchmark for those industries to improve their processes to achieve a 6-sigma quality. Since 6-sigma works upon a common basics for all industries like Total u…[Read more]

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    I recognize that the DPMO term gets dicey, when it comes to identifying opportunities to compare one company with another.
    But if we are improving an internal process (Baseline to Goal), the DPMO terms makes sure that the team identifies all the possible opportunities in a process, and make improvements. I’ve found it to be an eye opener, when i…[Read more]

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  • Hi,
    i’m also doing a project in spot welding parameters (current, pressureand time) optimization.
    For my Gage R&R i also need to do a destructive testing and i understand that MINITAB 13 has a provision for doing Gage R&R for destructive testings.
    The file folder can be located by going in Quality -> Gage R&R -> Nested.
    I’ve not yet tried it but…[Read more]