• I have issue with the correct way to do process analysis. Collect data looks according minitab as a exponential distribution. I need to check if process is capable and stable. Now I found the issue that minitab ver 13 is maybe old version because I can choose only Stat > Quality Tools > Capability Analysis 1.(Normal), 2. (Between/Within), 3.…[Read more]

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    thanks SP,
    yes it is from not-normal date , I determined it before I started to do anything with my date and : I can see skewness from a histogram , it fails AD test , do I need something more to be sure it is non-normal ?
    Also I can do like this with minitab 14 : capability analisys using non-normal data – and ok I got some results (f.e. it…[Read more]

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    I found this formu very interesting as well , but there is one but …still searching for basics like f.e.g. what AD tells us in normality tests or KS making second test – no idea what this values tell about. I would like to know a title of a book or site where I could know how to interprete this values. thx for help. Michal

  • I got this problem doing normality test KS AD – I have no idea how to interpret this KS and AD values. Does anyone knows about it and can help me with it ?
    hope to hear you soon – michal

  • The R&R study is trying to estimate how god the data you have is. when you say you have collected data, does this data come from another person, or is it automatically generated? If it is from a person, it will invariably have some error in it. It is your duty to quantify this error, in terms of your process tolerance and see if you can afford to…[Read more]