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  • I currently use iGrafx, it’s quite versatile and pretty easy to pick up. As well the support provided is fantastic.

    A trial version is available from their website too. 10 years, 5 months ago

  • Well right now we do not have any candidates and we need to setup these criteria sheets in order for people in our small company to know what we are looking for. We do not even have a black belt yet and are in the beginning stages of setting this system up. We will be having the top six sigma Master black belt from out headquarters in Europe come…[Read more]

  • Mike S replied to the topic Six Sigma at Japan in the forum General 13 years, 8 months ago

    You stupid half wit … both Toyota and Honda use Quality Circles.  If they used six sigma they would be going down the toilet like Ford and GM.
    Have you ever actually compared the junk made by Ford and GM to Toyota and Honda cars ?

  • Mr. Stan, thank you for your reply.
    I was wondering if you could tell me how to calculate the relationship between Cp and Proportion Defective when the process mean is correctly centered? for example:
    Sigma=3 Cp=1 Defects=66810ppm
    when correctly centered with Cp=1, Defects=10000ppmSigma=6 Cp=2 Defects=3.4ppm
    when correctly centered CP=2,…[Read more]

  • Mr. Joe Perito, could you please send me the table of zero to 6 sigma? I’ve been looking for this table.
    Thank you!
    “If you or others would like a table of zero to 6 sigma listings verses PPM rates and Verses PPM rates after a 1.5 sigma shift, just write me. You will see that 6 sigmas are equal to 0.002 PPM, or, 3.4PPM after a 1.5 sigma shift…[Read more]