• Hi friend,
    I am six sigma green belt.
    There is an upward trend in data points of c chart for the given data,
    There are so many data points on c bar chart which are outlier indicating  upwards trend.
    The aim is to reduce the no of activity management cases.
    I want to draw the base line so that the improvement can be seen in improve phase.…[Read more]

  • HI Eric,
    Thanks for the response,
    I should wait for the data to be stable(WITH IN CONTROL LIMIT OF CONTROL CHART) prior to analyse phase or can continue my analyse phase of DMAIC.
    please suggest.
    Navin Rohilla

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    Pls.mail me all training programme quotation with schedule

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    i think u better to do it in the effectiveness of HR Audit and HR Research or else HR accounting

  • Hi Alberto,
      What I feel that we need Black Belts / Green Belts to help us in going forward in our 6-Sigma project and CHAMPIONS are those who knows about the Savings / project scope and other details in a better manner. Also for a 6-Sigma project you do not have to have a large team, 3-4 persons are enough to carry out the 6-Sigma project.

  • I am new to six sigma and this is my first post to any six sigma discussion forum.
    What I feel that six sigma is not a quality function, but it is a methodology by which using breakthrough improvements we can improve our processes and show sustain reduction in cost(sometimes) and high profits(which offcourse is out motto while providing better…[Read more]