Nihar Senapati


  • What I meant in my earlier posting is that third category is seldom used as sometimes quality professionals instead of estimating the sigma for second category from a sample or population , they create this third category by doing a sample of 30 or more and estimating sigma from that sample

  • hello:
    The # 3 is generally not found in most organizations. However, #2 is found  through two means;
    1. Estimating variability from the population
    2. Estimating variability from the sample of 30 or more.
    Please let me know if it helps.

  • hi Seema:
    I don’t exactly understand when you say your organization is not supporting you. But I would write to ASQ providing a little background you have.
    Please write to Certification Chair and you should get their views. If you have any difficulty in reaching them, please let me know.

  • Six Sigma is a process centric methodology…an organization can’t claim to have acheived six sigma process improvements across all the processes.  So it will be easier and bolder to state six sigma improvements across a certain prcoess or more. In brief, truly speaking a six sigma company is a rare to find..again it is a quest for continuous imp…[Read more]