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    … is not the end of the world. Quiting the project is the end of that project, though. I must admit that I had to work in a rather “hostile” environment too on a project and I was warned in this forum that my project was doomed to fail. Probably this warning awakened me and this is what I would like to pass to you in the hope that it will also…[Read more]

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    Maybe this will help. Work your way back in the thinking process: a 6S project is all about reduction of defects. Hereto you need to improve the current processes. This will be done in an improvement plan. This plan will address your most significant defect causes (X). The analysis phase is where you define and qualify these causes. See if you ca…[Read more]

  • I cannot send you a copy of my 6 sigma reports, because it holds company confidential data, but let me try to help you further on your questions:
    On the metrics, let met start by telling you that there is no perfect measurement. After having evaluated about a dozen methods, the selected measurement was “Percent of Past due Accounts Receivable…[Read more]

  • Mike is right. Here’s a hint: a true six sigma project should have a title that starts with a verb, like “reduce” (defects, variation), “improve” (quality, profitability,…) or “optimize” (processes).
    Your two other “projects” look like possible steps in the improvement plan of your true project. Do as Mike suggests and walk through the pha…[Read more]

  • Thanks Kealan, for your reply.
    We already has a past due reduction project and now have less than 5% paying beyond the due date. Also, I am not aware of a lot of issues – credit memos are below 2%. So, the real focus now will be on reducing granted terms to the customers.
    I am not aware of any “standard terms”. It looks like these are largely d…[Read more]

  • I “kiss” this in my projects (Keep It Stupid Simple). As of what time frame and frequency convinces your customer and process owner that you achieved the objective permanently? Have them guess safely. They don’t know? Then ask them when they will be convinced that the results are deteriorating? How do they know?
    But far more critical to me is…[Read more]

  • 2 remarks:
    1. DPMO is an odd ratio, especially the O can be tricky. You claim that you have approx. 170 errors possible per drawing so 170 O’s and you name one error example which is a wrong start and end point That alone – I hope – you counted as two opportunities, but what if there should have been no wire and there is one drawn. That too is an…[Read more]

  • You already got some great advice, but let me answer your first question: is the situation now bad enough that you should “stop-the-bleeding”. If so, then go for an early quick fix and make sure people start in time to start with. If that is still inadequate, then I’d suggest you identify quickly to most dramatic issues and have these addressed…[Read more]

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    I thought so to, at the beginning, but now I am not sure. Personally, I have been working exclusively on transactional projects, so far. My manufacturing colleagues seem however to use many of the same tools that I use and are struggling generally with the same type of problems.
    The only difference that I noticed is that I have access to more h…[Read more]

  • I would try to find out where the decision came from to move to 6 sigma – it MUST come from the Board of Directors. Also, installing 6 sigma must be part of the company’s key objectives. If that is not the case, then stop thinking about it.
    If that is the case, however, then anything else you mention looks secondary and symptomatic to me: I am w…[Read more]

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    Me, too, Shari – I know someone who did this project and she would be very interested in your findings, I am sure.

  • As the colleague experts are apparently all “out of town”, let me (novice BB) try to help you further.
    It looks like you need to compute the sample size for a one-sample Z test. If you have Minitab then you can do this if you can read and type…You first need to know first what the average sigma level is that the processes are running (ball pa…[Read more]

  • Marc,
    it sure looks like you are hitting a lot of sensitive nerves. Mine too. Any chance that I could get a copy, please ? Thanks.
    My address: [email protected]

  • Stan,
    I am truly jealous of your achievement. How did you get to only two percent past dues? How does your procedure look like?

  • I have worked for 30 month as a master black belt with GE Capital Information Technology Solutions (4,500 employees at 54 locations in 45 countries worldwide) and I can tell you that in this (IT) division of GE six sigma is well implemented. For more information see and or serch for ‘information technology’ at…[Read more]