• Toby,
    Please double-check the requirements for your thesis topic (ask your advisor and/or review committee). It has been several years since I did mine but I thought the thesis was supposed to be innovative, groundbreaking and/or possibly something that would initiate new thoughts/perspective? For me, the “green” and “lean” arenas have been…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic fake presentation in the forum General 14 years, 6 months ago

    Mistake (not intentional) = bring it to their attention to correct
    Misleading (due to ignorance) = bring it to their attention to correct
    Misleading or Untrue (for the benefit of their agenda) = ask them to clarify/cite references

  • Amelda:
    Frequently, Change Management is associated with employee resistance/acceptance of the process changes brought about by a Six Sigma project. Often proving to be one of the more difficult (although many times rewarding too) aspects of initiating sustained process improvement.
     Good Luck! OLD

  • OLD replied to the topic A bad apple? in the forum General 15 years, 2 months ago

    Marine Jim is right. Have a one-on-one conversation with the individual. You can be more blunt and sincere when face-to-face (the setting is less threatening in that the person does not have to be defensive in front of their teammates). If you are the team leader, tell the person what behavior you expect them to exhibit (the advice…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic Productivity VS Efficiency in the forum General 15 years, 5 months ago

    What is your organization’s current definition of efficiency? Productivity? What metrics do you have in place to quantify and validate those definitions?…[Read more]

  • Old and Weary:
    I couldn’t agree more…..Not to mention many (most?) BB’s received their SS training on the company’s dime.
     Just OLD

  • OLD replied to the topic Lead time reduction in the forum General 15 years, 8 months ago

    Does your supplier know your expectations for delivery/lead time? You may want to start by meeting with them to explain what it is you expect. Most suppliers will value your business and will try to work with you improve the situation. Some questions you may what to start thinking about:

    Does your company complete the first…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic Lead time reduction in the forum General 15 years, 8 months ago

    Cycle time reduction is probably more accurate assuming you are not buying the components from a supplier…
    Start by identifying the steps in the current process (for each part). Calculate the length of your current cycle time. Include actual machining time, set-up time, and any other time sensitive activities. Identify st…[Read more]

  • David:
    As a new employee to this company, you may want to take a little time to get the lay of the land to determine which way the wind blows. I’m guessing they have been successful (by their standard) to some extent? Just because you feel SS was successful at Tyco doesn’t correlate to being the means to an end at your new co…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic Six Sigma Certification in the forum General 15 years, 10 months ago

    You can market your experience and certification as you acquired it. The “qualified BB” part will be determined by the potential employer that is interviewing you. If they ask enough questions, they will determine how your experience and certification stacks-up against others’ applying for the same job. It is what it is. The que…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic Urgent – Need HELP!!!! in the forum General 15 years, 10 months ago

    QCO and HBGB gave you some good advice if you want to discuss this from a business or company perspective. Depending on how well you know your boss (and how comfortable you feel in talking openly with him/her) you may want to make this a more personal conversation?
    Questions to include:

    How does your boss’s change in re…[Read more]

  • Mark:
    Some good advice received. In addition, it might be of value to you to do a pro/con comparison of each position. There truly are pro’s and con’s and short-term and long-term implications. Also, add an item on your comparison parameters: “what happens if I say no?”
    It really boils down to WHAT you want/like to do and WHAT skill set co…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic Making it stick in the forum General 16 years ago

    IMHO most of the challenge is with the transition from the project team to the process owner and the operators. Project managers like to think the project is complete when the solution has been found, piloted and turned-over to the process group/owner. Not the case. The project should be considered open for days/weeks after the…[Read more]

  • HornJM:
    Interesting topic and some great feedback from RB and OC! The times are definitely changing and there are some interesting dynamics taking place today in the plant/office.
    I wonder if some of the younger, Gen X and Gen Y employees in the workforce share your thoughts? There has been some interesting research pertaining to Gen X…[Read more]

  • Serge:
    From your research it sounds like SS is declining at the airline you worked for, Honeywell HBS corporate, and GE? Interesting.
    I would speculate (WAG) that for every company that is in “decline” in their use of SS there are probably 10 more beginning the journey.
    Change is not only good it is inevitable. So if your research, da…[Read more]

  • NCV and Neal:
    Prior to writing or completing your charter, take a step back and think about what you’re being asked to do. How much do you and your team know about your facility’s utility consumption? It might be worthwhile to do some due diligence prior to the charter (helping to properly scope the project to be sure it is not too vague or to…[Read more]

  • OLD replied to the topic Why is EOQ Not Lean? in the forum General 16 years, 4 months ago

    “I have heard several times that the concept of economic order quantity (EOQ) is not lean, but I never hear precisely why that is.”
    The term Economic Order Quantity has been around for many years (much longer than lean, TOC, JIT, inventory turns, etc.). The EOQ driver was: the more you order, the cheaper the price. The trick was t…[Read more]

  • Tim:
    As you begin to look at your X’s, you may want to take a look at: time of day and day of the week that the storms occur (not that you have much control over weather to schedule your storms!). It seems that available resources will be different depending on the time of day that the storm occurs? A day-time storm may cost less to repair t…[Read more]

  • Darth:
    In addition to the feedback you have already received, I would add the following:
    1.  How can you measure, tell, sense or feel whether you are overwhelming and stressing the organization with the number of projects being launched? 1). Ask the informal leaders within the organization for their view on how things are going. These peo…[Read more]

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