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    Hi Remi,
    thanks for the post..doesnt box plot also assume normality while indicating outliers….guess 1.5IQR goes beyond 3 sigma hence identified as outlier….is there any other statistical estimate……

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    ISSSP has one, but it may be overkill for your purposes. It is also a bit pricey, if I remember right. Check their website for details.

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    Maybe that’s a new belt offered by ISSISSIPPI.
    (I already have my Dark Salmon Belt from them.)

  • Dieter,
    Your die question about DPMO is difficult to give a good answer because so much depends on many other factors. How you decide to count opportunities depends on how the customer counts them and how the dice are manufactured.
    From the customer’s perspective, one might reasonably consider any functional imperfection (missing dots, c…[Read more]

  • Alex,
    You have been given some pretty good explanations about the connections between ISO 9001 and Six Sigma.
    Regarding the importance of ISO 9001 certification as a criteria for global purchasing decisions, I can tell you that I was once a Supply Chain Management Sourcing Manager for a global company and ISO certification was definitely NOT…[Read more]

  • TJ,
    I’m a little concerned that you don’t know this since you used the phrase, “…us as Black Belts…” implying that you are yourself a Black Belt. This question about which control chart to use is Green Belt 101. As a BB you should be able to zero right in on either a P-chart or an NP-chart (or under certain circumstances an I/MR-chart). At…[Read more]

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    “Can’t we all just get along?”
    I think it one’s perspect depends largely on the context in which they have seen spec determined. If you deal largely with transactional people-driven specs like “wait times” for call centers or standing in line, then a lot of spec limit determination could very well be just a good guess based on VOC comments or…[Read more]

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    Here’s the point I was trying to make in my other post.
    The purpose of a control chart isn’t to try to manipulate your data so that all of the data points fall within the control limits, the purpose is to tell you if your process contains only common variation or if it contains special cause variation. If your process contains special cause…[Read more]

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    You made a couple of comments in this post that concern me a little bit. You said, “With the data we have, the established control limits on the Xbar charts exclude a large portion of the data points.” Were the control limits calculated from this new data that you have been collecting or is it maybe a leftover from your previous control m…[Read more]

  • The most important project management skill in the Define phase is to be able to come up with a catchy name for your project or team or an acronym that forms a cool word. The best ones out there combine both of those skills! You want a cool name for your project like “The TIGR Project” or “Project BANG.”
    Kidding of course. To me the most impo…[Read more]

  • (Shhhhh! Don’t say things like that! Do you want to wind up in the corn field?!?)
    He didn’t mean it… he-he… he was just kidding around. Nothing to see here. No reason to send anyone to the corn field. We’re all happy with the site. We couldn’t be more pleased! It’s a good site!

  • Ivan,
    I disagree. That was not so much a guide as it was a commercial. And not a very informative commercial at that. Your link told me nothing.

  • I’m afraid that mule is already out of the barn with a 10-point scale despite my advice to the contrary. At least I feel a little vidicated that someone else thinks I was right.
    I am being assigned to a different project so I won’t be the one trying to interpret the results and tie them back to last year’s number. I feel bad for the people th…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI,
    This is a very timely topic for me. My business partners are concluding a satisfaction survey of their internal customers. They have always graded their surveys by taking a weighted average of responses to each question and coming up with a numeric summarized average value for each question like Eugene is showing (3.46 out of 5).
    My…[Read more]

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    Holy Cow! You mean this wasn’t “Stan” asking a question just to get people rolling?
    Sorry “Army Stan.” Read MBBinWi’s comment’s, he has some good suggestions.
    I do not have a military background, but I grew up next to a large Marine Corps base and my father was a career civil servant on the base. I am somewhat familiar with military culture.…[Read more]

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    Six Sigma can be applied as a heat-transfer patch directly onto the garment using a hot iron. Remove garment before applying.
    (Thaw the chickens.)

  • So, is that like the classic joke where the old comedians sit around and just say punch-lines and everyone laughs because they all know all of the jokes?
    “… a pig like that, you don’t eat all at once!”

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    Just as there are many paths to inner-peace and enlightenment (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc, etc,) so too are there many paths to quality.

  • Maybe I underestimated the response to the original post. Maybe the responses were so overwhelmingly inflamatory they were all mercifully deleted by the moderators as they were posted.

  • Folks,
    I have to express my disappointment with the lack of response to this post. Someone goes to the trouble to tee up this slow-pitch over the plate and no one stepped up to knock it out of the park. Oh sure, there were one of two responses and that’s nice, but I would have thought this one deserved more. (And No, I am not the one who posted…[Read more]

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