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    plz send me noteson six sigma

  • Hi,
    I am working in IT-Infosys. I want to do SixSigma certification from Pune. But I do not have enough information abut intitude and course. Could you please assist me in this. Mail me or call me at –9225616659
    Heartly tHanks!!

  • Hello,
    Could you please give me more information on what areas within the airline have started using six sigma. I am planning to do a thesis on six sigma applications in the airline industry, but I could not find any related articles on that. I’m totally lost and don’t know where to start.
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    Yes i can put 0 as LSL . However, how do i explain that there is  only a marginal increase in sigma level wherease the variation in the process has decreased by 500%.  The team will be highly demotivated since they have made significant chnages in the process which has helped them to reduce the mean and the standrad variation.

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    The value of UCL and LCL are computed as X bar + 3 sigma and X bar – 3 sigma. Here the sigma is equal to the standard deviation of the sample / root n. To know more on this read book on quality control. This is the basic of control charts.

  • hi Pam ,
    There is no need to contact local channel .You just go to ASQ site .i.e , then go to certification and then select ssbb there.
    In this link you will get all the information about course content , fee , eligibility creteria , schedule of exam , examination centre and then you can fill the forms. Normally exam takes…[Read more]

  • I am working with wipro .May I know about you and the information you have about the above subject?

  • which all exam or certification are there?
    If you have info then please send me a list or internet links .I will
    do the detailed search .
    If you already have that information then Please rank them as per their value or acceptance.

  • I want to know how to apply Six Sigma to improve Effectiveness of Training in my company.
    I think firstly I should be able to gauge effectivness of various trainings then apply Six Sigma concepts to improve effcetiveness.

  • This formula is not returning the correct inverse of the standard normal cumulative distribution
    for a probability of 0.908789 the value returned should be 1.3333
    but the value returned is 0.6270580123677483
    I checked the correct value by using the NORMSINV(.908789 ) function in excel.Please advise if this function is equivalent to the…[Read more]

  • The formula is not working correctly . It is ambiguous that which part of the formula is to be squared/cubed.
    For DPMO of 111111 the Sigma should be 2.72 according to Excel
    but it is returning -1.05155
    The formula has been translated as
    function test(d)
    var…[Read more]

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    The typical quality issues with an average Indian company is the lack of consistency or extreme variability in combination with designs which are more often not optimised. These obviously are typical black belt projects.
    Usually rootcause analysis during such projects would point towards deficiencies in the input raw material or components/parts…[Read more]