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    Hi Balachandran,
    Not sure what you are trying to achieve here but it seems you have your variables mixed up. Let’s keep in mind that y = f(x), so is this your scenario :
    Y (discrete value of pack damaged or not) = f (x : temperature).
    I am assuming you have determined there is a causal relationship between temperature and damage to your pack. …[Read more]

  • Hi Manjunah,
    The Six Sigma methodology applies to any industry. It is a way to resolve porblems.  That said, it is the nature of the problem at hand that will dictate whether six sigma or another method is more aptly suited.  I suppose you will be doing a project for a lab/hospital as part of a course credit system of some sort.  If that is th…[Read more]

  • As Chad says, there is a lot of great (and free) material on this site.  As a matter of fact, you will easily become overwhelmed with the richness of the info here.  Take small bites, read a bit about the methodology and then a few of the articles by using supply chain as a keyword.  I would then recommend you read up a few of the basic tools an…[Read more]

  • Hi there,
    Unfortunately you seemed to have misunderstood the question and my response…I was merely clarifying that credentials will not guarantee improved performance – it is the application of what is learned (to obtain those credentials) to the workplace that will lead to improvements.
    Don’t know where you’re going with the interview comment…[Read more]

  • Hi Nupur,
    Just to be clear, a certificate is a piece of paper….It doesn’t improve anything.  What will improve is your ability to diagnose a problem and come up with solutions – hopefully these are the things you will learn during your training and then apply in your job.
    Good luck,
    Groupe Synergos

  • Ok. been there.  If you don’t find anything, base your arguments on the benefits (ROI, improved customer satisfaction, reduced waste, etc).  There is plenty of litterature on that and I have summarized a few as related to healthcare for my own campaign here (you can find it here).
    Also, you might want to check out the Alberta or BC health s…[Read more]

  • Leo,
    I have to agree with Don on this but I would go even further.  The number of project resources you need is a function of the number of projects you are planning to do in a given year.  And I might add that realistically, since we are resource dependant, the logic usually goes the other way around such as; we have x number of belts, th…[Read more]

  • Hi Stephen,
    There shouldn’t be a large difference in the training.  Most of the time it is just the examples used that are tailored to the audience (ie healthcare).  You already have healthcare experience and you are familiar with that environment and it’s processes so I’m not sure there is much more added value for you personally.  I would be…[Read more]

  • Hello Elvis,
    If you cannot find any information as pertains top your exact situation, it might be that projects of this kind have not been shared or publicised.  My advice to you is if you have exhausted your search, don’t worry about it.  What is more important is that you understand the methodology.  That never changes, regardless of the pr…[Read more]

  • To add to Don’s response, spec limits are not normally used on control charts.  They are used to determine your process capability and sigma value.  For example, if as you say, your spec limits are tighter than your control limits and your process is in control and producing consistent results, you may be producing defect-free products (within t…[Read more]

  • you wrote : “for the last three months the store has declined 20%-30% monthly before I was asked to assist. The biggest issue is cost. management has been replaced.”
    What has declined? Sales? Profit?
    You’ve had some suggestions, but maybe to the wrong problem..

  • Hi MM,
    A few questions to clarify; have you done the VSM yet?  Why are you only focussed on removing the transport muda? Have you already applied the other lean principles – standard work, one-piece flow, continuous flow, etc.  Have you ensured they work is not done in batches? Is there “inventory” waiting to be processed by the teams.  It ju…[Read more]

  • Agree totally.
    I would also recommend to Michael to look at the performance appraisals used in the company.  What are the criteria used to assess employee performance? Do any reflect the companie’s desire to have a CIC?  If not, why not? That has to change…If so, get the data.  You can then track it to see if there are any changes over ti…[Read more]

  • I agree with George here and would also add a couple of suggestions.
    If the comments are related to the Lickert score, concentrate first on the extremes:
    1. Find trends or themes in the comments.  Try grouping them with affinity techniques.  Any major issues pop up?
    2. Look at frequencies of recurring comments to build a type of pareto. ie. i…[Read more]

  • Bill,
    If you know you are missing some defects in the inspection process, do you know which ones are slipping through?  Are there any trends? This may be able to help you focus your improvement efforts.  With this information, you may also look back upstream rather than at the inspection stage, to see if you can mistake proof those errors or at l…[Read more]

  • Andrew,
    I agree with Annon.  Since you are looking at evaluating the effectiveness of a technology, could you not look at the mission results as your key output variable and determine the impact of the technology on it versus the results achieved without the technology?
    My 2 cents (as a former army requirements officer)

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    Well said, brandon.
    I myself switched to this pseudonym several years ago when I saw someone else had and was posting with the same given name as me- been Patch ever since and have not noticed anyone else using it, so it stuck.  I think there is even a thread between myself and Mike discussing the merits or risks of my choice.

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    Hi Bill,
    you may want to consider looking at this problem differently.  The most common reason for overtime, when department heads are asked, is that they don’t have sufficient staff to accomplish all that they have to do.  Then the question becomes – what are they doing that is so time consuming?  Look at what your people are working on.  How…[Read more]

  • Hi Bill,
    Not sure what you mean by the “old fashioned way” but you could plot your historical spend data on a control chart to see if there are special causes in your spending.  You could also plot on a time series chart to figure if there are patterns such as end of month or quartlerly spend sprees.  You might also what to look at these spend p…[Read more]

  • Andrew,
    My question to you is why would you want to compare the two materials in the first place?  Shouldn’t you just be testing to make sure that the new material produces a final product that is of equal or better quality.  I am not sure why you are considering re-sourcing but assuming it is for cost reasons, if using the new material pro…[Read more]

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