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  • You must not criticise Six Sigma. We all know it stupid rubbish but we all make lots of money out of it.

  • It is a great question!
    Companies do not measure how well their strategy of deploying Six Sigma works, i.e., no company knows its ‘sigma’ level as an organization.
    People worry too much about statistics and rote deployment of the DMAIC methodology and jump to run Design of Experiements as a silver bullet instead of using the methodology to ach…[Read more]

  • In my opinion, Armand V Feigenbaum  coined the concept of total quality, and Bill Smith invented Six Sigma.

  • iSixSigma is offering eBook publishing services making it easy for everyone to publish ones work.

  • Hi Stan:
    I appreciate your feedback. I will think about incorporating your input in someway in my future work. Maybe, I should just skip the introductory chapter and get to the point.
    It is interesting to know that different people see different things in the book. For example, one executive loved just one bullet in the book, and purchased it…[Read more]

  • Hi Jim Ace:
    You have asked some good questions, which some of the participants here may think these are planted questions. To me these are genuine questions that need be answered.
    First of all, I take ownership for developing or inventing the new business scorecard by integrating Six Sigma intent and Balanced Scorecard framework. I developed…[Read more]

  • Hi Stan:
    Macroeconomic table is not the main point of the book. It is only a start. Review chapter 4 that should provide details of the scorecard.
    In any case, it appears that you are not satisfied with my Six Sigma Business Scorecard book. I will be glad to buy it back from you for full purchase price. Even though I do not make 100% royalty, I…[Read more]

  • Historiography:
    You have asked some very good questions. I have tried to answer some of them for myself. I can share them with you. Agreeing with you about the failure of Balanced Scorecard, Satisfaction meausres, etc., I was asked by McGraw Hill to develop a measurement system based on one my measures of six sigma column many years ago (2002),…[Read more]

  • Dear Stan:
    Thanks for sharing my qualifications with everyone which I could not do! Knowing you throgh this chat at iSixSigma, you are pretty gutsy to criticize my ideas (which is welcome because it makes me better), my qualifications (I can not change), and my institutions (they are so good their reputation will not be harmed by one p…[Read more]

  • Some assembly processes used complex boards with as many as 5000 connections, or systems with as many as 5000 parts. Higher complexity of systems also contributed to development of Six Sigma.

  • Almudena:
    Jim has explained it correctly. Sigma level is a measure of the capability. Again, Sigma level is more meaningful at the corporate level as it accelerates change. Besides, we should be able to relate Sigma level to the financial performance of the company, and use the Sigma level as a leading indicator.  The way I use measures is as…[Read more]

  • Jim:
    Congratulations for successful implementation of Six Sigma. I have not heard many companies tracking overall Sigma level. Actually, you may be the first after Motorola long time ago when it announced the corporate Sigma level at 5.4. Thanks for sharing the example. We need allies to maximize benefits of Six Sigma at the corporate level…[Read more]

  • Stan:
    Are you still having difficulty in calculating sigma level using my Six Sigma Business Scorecard methodology? Now it is available in Chinese, Korean, and Lithuanian languages. More help for you!
    Without monitoring Sigma levels, leadership support for the Sigma initiative can not be sustained for long. The executive support will vary like…[Read more]

  • hacl:
    Thanks for sharing the quote. I always believed this approach and practiced. That’s why I developed the Stat Free Six Sigma approach. Was it a joint statement by Shewhart and Deming?
    Statistical thinking is more important than statistical tools.

  • Praveen Gupta replied to the topic Dashboard in the forum General 14 years, 3 months ago

    I have discovered that the four perspectives of balanced scorecard are not enough. Thus my revised list of scorecard are the following:
    Leadership and Profitability
    Management and Improvement
    Employees and Innovation
    Purchasing Suppliers Management
    Operations Execution
    Sales and Distribution
    Service and Growth
    These severl elements formed…[Read more]

  • Pierre:
    1981 – 86, I used to work in Semiconductor Sector, and Pre-control was the program of the time. I am sure I do not know about everybody at Motorola, but I was aware, reading and observing happenings in different parts of Motorola including my visit to 52nd St. and other plants in 1984-85 in Scottsdale, AZ. Bob Galvin himself has said th…[Read more]

  • Stan:
    I was not that old as you are thinking. You must have a lot more gray hair than I have. I was three years out of school, lucky enough to work on Six Sigma without knowing how big it was going to be. I was not changing Motorola culture like you or some others might be, but I was trying to make “Small Wins to Six Simga” the first four Six…[Read more]

  • Mike, You are right. I was in the comm sector 86-89, where the Six Sigma concept was being developed by Bill Smith.

  • Interesting discussion!
    First, is there any Six Sigma capable company? None of the Six Sigma practiciting company measures and sets goals to achieve Six Sigma level performance, so there is a no chance of being one. Besides, customer requirements are dynamic, so it would be difficult to be at Six Sigma level as an entire company, unless the…[Read more]

  • Praveen Gupta replied to the topic Six Sigma Toyota in the forum General 14 years, 4 months ago

    Let’s question 1.5 Sigma shift or 3.4 DPMO once we get there. Trying to put too many thoughts in one message.

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