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    If one of the processess is NVA then eliminate it.
    Why waste time doing things that do not ad value?

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    I have had a similar result regarding the original question, having a whisker inside the box. I would like to hear any explanations if there is one. I was using Minitab 11 at the time.

  • In Ayrshire Scoland there is a program that will pay up to 50% of the cost to train a lean expert for the company. (up to £8,000) This is though Scottish Enterprise. The idea is to make local businesses more gobally competitive. This then brings in more jobs and in the end more tax revenue. In teh states I would ask the local chamber of commerse.…[Read more]

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    One thing I have not seen in the responces is: What is the return on investment for inproving past the 85% mark. If it takes 6 months of training per employee to inprove it is it worth it. What is the cost to the business to have a low fcr?
    It is always a trade off. Is it cost effective to improve?

  • You may wish to contact Scottish Enterprise.
    They have started a Lean iniative. The contact I have on record is:
    Julia DunlopStrategem Ltd1 Woodside TerraceGlasgow, G3 7UYTel:  0141 331 2991Fax:  0141 332 4982
    She may be of assistance.