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    Six sigma can not succeed without it coming from the top of the organization.  I also was with GE (BB) and was with them in the very beginning of their journey to six sigma….if it hadn’t been Jack’s dictates it would have joined the thousand other programs we went through.
    The only option for you to get the uniterested top level interested is t…[Read more]

  • Hallaluah.  The King has no clothes. 

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    As mentioned above, many of these suggestions sound good but do not specifically relate to DMAIC. In my experience, there is no substitute for a live simulation running alongside DMAIC training to enhance the learning and make the experience more enjoyable. There are a few in the market. GE’s Capital Courier was the pioneer of these. Rath &…[Read more]

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    Yes, you can make great improvements in a company of this size.  The last plant I did a 6 sigma project was a teir 1 facility doing around $74 million in sales.  The project ended up saving $300,000 a year in uptime and through put.

  • Neha,
    GE loves Purdue grads.  Did you have a chance to go on program with them?  Anyway don’t spend your money getting book knowledge for SS.  Get hooked up with a company that uses the methodology and get there.  Having the knowledge without project experince buys very little.  The new year just started and I’m sure GE will start hiring again…[Read more]

  • PMP organized project management to follow a specific Body of Knowledge.  It’s great for some industries but does not fit for others.  The PMBOK is largely based on one person’s view of Project Management.  Which the test is also(this is just my opinion no facts to back it up)  I would hate to see SS go in the same direction.  Certification is gr…[Read more]

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    The resolution should be at least 1/10 of the smallest unit of measure used or desired.
    i.e. if measuring in inches it should be 1/10 of an inch.

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    Lots of good points in this thread.  A consultant can offer the uninhibited training i.e. dedicated to just the training and not other functions at the place of business.  That with the expertise of a good MBB to develop and institutionalize the roll out.  If you don’t have someone to constantly grow SS it will eventually fall by the wayside.  Peo…[Read more]

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    I’m not a consultant but I have taught SS classes and attended many also.  My thoughts and impressions are:  if the student wants to be there and is fairly intelligent then they will probably survive an all at once approach.  You can skip the project reviews.  If the person is not sure what they are getting into or don’t want to be in the clas…[Read more]

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    The only value I’ve seen by talking about shift is that GB’s and some BB’s will complete their project with a Zst value that equates to some dollar value via a transfer function.  In this case you must remind them of the realities of process shift and random occurances that will drag their process beyond the SL.  Accounting for some shift, whe…[Read more]

  • Internal hard savings do not just come from head count reductions and product thru-put.  Another angle is to look at raw material costs and external services requried to maintain a P&E.  Example if you have an outside contractor perform maintenance on your process what kind of dollars could you save if you controlled that process such as PM’s or p…[Read more]

  • Mike,
    I agree, it really bugs me to listen to staff MBB’s talk SS when infact some of them had a poor lowly BB (like me) complete their projects.
    Execution seperates the Men/Women from the Boys/Girls.
    Do you have an e-mail address I can contact you by.  I have a tech question I need help with.

  • Mike,
    99% of your posts are right on.  But I think you missed Brian’s question “would it make me more viable to to future employers”
    I wish more people would think about taking SS training.  Anyone who is in the engineering field should consider the training as well as people in leadership roles.  The best way to institutionalize SS in a co…[Read more]

  • Interesting article.  Can you imagine the costs incurred if the government started SS.  You could claim the savings would pay itself off but were talking about a government that funded millions of dollors on padded toilet seats and fart monitors for cows.  Do we really expect them (gov. officials) to be able to handle deployment of SS at this sc…[Read more]

  • Brian, If you get training/certification from a reputable source it would show any potential employer that you have met some standard criteia for proving your SS knowledge.  However, there are places out there that will train/certify you in a week without testing requirements.  This may work for the resume but you’ll crash and burn in the i…[Read more]

  • I’ve been reading a lot of GE bashing going on here but has anyone actually looked for the claim that GE has an engine at 12 sigma?  I would be interested in seeing that article so I know if it’s based on anything specific.  Let me know if someone has a link to such an article.

  • $$$$$$

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    Crysal Ball may already be on your computer.  Look under the Start/Programs/Crystal Ball it comes with MS Office.

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