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    No se si Minitab tiene manuals para V14.  ‘’ tiene “downloads” en espanol asi como el programa en espanol.  Hay uno que es basico que se llama “Meet Minitab” (“Conocer Minitab”).  Si quiere algo mas complicado, no he encontrado nada.  Estoy aprendiendo espanol, asi perdoneme si he haciendo errores.

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    In the book How to Lie with Statistics written I believe in the 1950’s (I don’t have it with me right now), the authors used the term ‘Average’ to refer to the what I would call the ‘central tendency’.  Therefore the ‘average’ could refer to the mean, median or mode.  They offered this as one way to lie with statistics.  This would lead me to bel…[Read more]

  • Darth,
    Thanks for stirring the pot on this and taking some abuse.  But then everyone needs abuse sometimes.
    Thanks to the rest of the crew for a more complete discussion.  I had heard it both ways, I had seen it both ways, but now I feel I understand it better.