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    I would like do a course on Six Sigma certification.Please help me out in  this!

  • HI, You can implement and maintain ISO9001:2000 in order to put the system in practice. You may adapt Six Sigma methodology to make some breakthrough improvements. Not necessary that your employees need to be an expert in statistics – awareness on some basic tools and techniques would be sufficient to start with. I have seen many HR / Finance…[Read more]

  • Dear Chris,
    In order to test the significance in difference between the 2 groups use 2 sample t test for means and f- test for variances. If p value is less than 0.05 in both the cases, then there is significant difference between the groups perfromance.
    If more than two groups (Cavities) are there, use ANOVA and conclude which are belongs to…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    One way of putting a proactive measure is that you may organize a periodic skip level meeting with individual employees, preferably with the seniour employees. Thereby we can reduce the skilled employees attrition. The skip level mtg. should focus on employees expectation, their stress level, job satisfaction level, do they need job rotation,…[Read more]

  • Hi, I hope that you are going to use the X bar & R chart;
    plz. use the Minitab software in the following path:
    StatControl ChartsXbar-Rchartoptions —–> there you can find the options for these 8 tests.

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    Hi Mark,
    I would suggest you to go thro’ various websites that have Lean info’. Pl. visit, superfactory websites. You will find many interesting case studies, ex. with more details which you may not get it in a training session.

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    The options that you have is to first of all establish that there is a correlation between the excretion rate and the fish mass. You can do it by finding the coefficient of correlation between the two. if r is significant then you do a hyp test. You can use excel for these tests. These question has been answered several times on this…[Read more]

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    Not Clear. As a customer, I obviously do not know where the particular item I am looking for is stored on the shelves.Also, somebody is saving the job of physically fetching it for me. Why do you say that all this is NVA? Just because Lean says that transport or movement of materials/personnel is waste? I don’t mean to be confrontational but I…[Read more]

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    Yes they have been attending the tollgates and have been expressly appreciating all the analysis and ideas. But when it comes to getting their own hands dirty and pulling the rope hard, some of them are holding back. The way I see it, it is just “inertia”. They are old men and do not want to take risks or get down with the time consuming affair…[Read more]

  • OK. Thanks. But what does “Study Variation” really mean? Why is it different from the Contribution value? It comes by default in Minitab.

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    Just use TINV function in MS Excel.

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    So the lesson to be learnt is that never do a less than orthogonal design. It is almost sure to have confounding which will make the results of the experiment completely invalid. Either do a full factorial or do a balanced fractional factorial as suggested by software or expert. Any exclusions/observations on this conclusion?

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    Thanks for pointing out I am on the wrong track. The analysis is about purchase decision factors and each of the replicates are actually customer “likelihood to buy” ratings on a 1-10 scale. So I think the concern about repeat observations from same run is not applicable here as we are talking about different respondents. But I would really like…[Read more]

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    Here are the trials with response replicates:
    A        B       C        D   Response replicates
    -1      1        -1       -1      8,6,9,8,10,8, 
    -1     -1         1        1      5,6,8,9,5,3,
    1       -1       -1        -1     5,8,6,7,8,6,
    1       1        1          1      1,7,4,5,1,7,
    1      1         -1         1     1,8,5,3,5,7,

  • Hi Heebeegeebee,
    When did you get BB  certification from Allied -signal. I got mine in seventh wave. Just curious?

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    Thanks very much for the clear explanation.

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    And what if even the incentives pegged at the best performers’ results don’t work to improve the performance of the rest? Call them laggards and fire them like Jack Welch did? If we do, will the culture of fear grip the organization slowly but surely??

  • Thanks a lot Robert. Your observations really clarify the points raised. However, I do not understand what you mean by”running diagnostics on X matrix”. Can you elaborate on that one a bit?

  • Thanks!
    You have suggested that DOE be used for the optimization step. But some people advice that it be utilized while identifying the key x’s. Why so when the key x’s can anyway be identified by MV or Regression? In fact, even the Y can be maximised/minimized once we know the regression equation and have controlable ranges for the key x’s.What…[Read more]

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