• During the Risk Analysis of the project, if there was a way assign or calculate a dollar figure for each potential risk that would be basis of “Cost Avoidance”.  As Risks are mitigated, the financial impact of those Risks are lowered or abated; hince cost avoidance.
    Futhermore, what makes the “Cost Avoidance” number concrete is that if the risk…[Read more]

  • I am working on this in the current time frame and would like to exchange information and knoweledge. For example I am extracting yield data using Oracle DBA’s insights. The number of payroll runs it takes to meet requirements Vs the conceptual possible. Say, if you are paying 100 people once a month – it should be done in one payroll run – but it…[Read more]

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    Go to this thread on this same site
    Six Sigma and ERP by Reese

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    What module of ERP you are working with will provide some input.
    What phase are you in DBO. Design, Build or Operate?
    What methodology are you using like for transition or design etc. This would be the largest component determination. You may even start with the project management strcuture and its 6 to 7 gates.
    Start with a Process Flow, Cross…[Read more]

  • Please review Voice of Customer Analysis:A Modern System of Front-End QFD Tools, With Case Studies by Glenn Mazur published in 1997 AQC. I think you should be able to obtain it on the AQC Web site.
    Can someone comment on QFD software with multiple dimensions for analysis of this data. I am not sure its OK to post the name of the prefeered…[Read more]