• You have a great opportunity here to get 6-sigma thought processes instilled at the beginning.  However, you will also need to determine where the significant business drivers occur and address those with highest impact first to build credibility for your program.
    Question – Do you or will you have a significant number of repeat visits from your…[Read more]

  • If you want to increase your confidence, ask for some repeats on the Master to Traceable Standard test; then you can develop some guage Repeatability on your local Master.  You will have to develop your own Reproducibility evaluation on your local operators use of the Master.

  • I’m glad to see you are collecting data at a detailed level.  Before getting into all of the mechanics, I suggest you back up to “why is a Sales Forecast needed?”  Addressing the multiple answers there will help to focus on which intervals are important and the impact of variability on your company.  e.g.: Sales Forecast are used fo…[Read more]

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    Note that “scratch” can be both a noun and a verb.  As such, all that attention to polishing speed & pressure, etc. may be competing with those dirty gloves the operator is wearing while unloading the piece.  So look at scratch at both ends of the spectum – noun and verb.

  • vsimha
    This all depends on WHY you are tasked to create a metric.  I hope it is not to just create a scorecard (refer to Deming on measures used against teams vs. improving processes).
    Understand the business driver for system availability and establish measures which relate to the business driver.  For example, it may be more business e…[Read more]