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    I got two question that bothered me for a while, Particularly regarding the discrepancy in Nominal-is-Best SN calculation between software and textbook:
    There are 3 types of formula to calculate Nominal-is-Best SN:

    1. Minitab does not include the Type I formula: SN=-10log[(ybar-m)^2+S^2], which should make more sense, and it appears…[Read more]

  • It will be appropriate if you state India lagging in Lean and Sigma. I do not think China and other Asia countries are slow in the lean sigma champaign.

    IBM proposed a new term “Green Sigma” years ago to intergrate Lean Sigma methodogy with green technology. 10 years, 1 month ago

  • Yu replied to the topic six sigma in the forum General 13 years ago

    Hi GKP,
    A  process with a random natural variation when there is no assignable cause involved spreads itself to three times its std. deviation on either side of the mean. Now it is an assumption that if your specification level is twice your natural variation spread when the process is in control, then you have ample space to play around (r…[Read more]

  • CM:The company I work for has a CMS (Corporate Manual System) that would blow your socks off… volumes upon volumes of SOP. It seems to me that the only time it’s being referenced is when problems arise, which was not it is inteded for. We have now adopted a 5S approach, and there is lots of reading on 5S, which include ‘Standardize’. Our comp…[Read more]