• Thanks Remi for the quick and clear response. I will figure out how to fit in for my requirement.

  • Hi Remi,
    I am working on having a control chart for Defect density and I have a similar problem of having defect data with too many zeros.
    What I understand from your reply is to plot non-zero points separately in control chart & For zero data points, use % of non-zero in G-chart. However I am not very clear with CTQ1(the % of non-zero part).…[Read more]

  • I have taken SixSigma green belt from QT&T Singapore and am planning  to takeup certified Black belt training in coming months.The programmes are really good.The Consultants/Trainers  are great and  Master blackbelts . They carry rich industry experience together coupled with excellent academic background.
    Moreover the fees of QT&T SixSigma p…[Read more]

  • Satyam is implementing six sigma. Satyam has developed a proprietory iSTRIVE methodology for driving projects in IT / software. iSTRIVE stands for Identify, Set (Define), Track(Measure), Review(Analyze), Improve, Validate, Ensure(Control).

  • When you have an assembly of N items, with a tolerance of +/-t on each item, then the total tolerance is given by +/- (N x t)/SQRT(N).
    For example, if 100 plates of thickness 1+/-0.01 mm are stacked one over the other, the total thickness shall have a thickness of 100 +/- 0.1 and NOT 100+/-1.0.
    Reverse of it goes like this: If a customer has…[Read more]

  • J replied to the topic DOE Questions in the forum General 16 years ago

    The answers given by geoff and SSS are complete and they have given you a overall picture as to how the methodology would help you, but since you have talked about team work let me share my experience with you on one of the very popular tools called Nominal group technique combined with Multi voting. This is simply great and you will o…[Read more]