• Thanks everyone for the response.

    Actually my research is focussed towards IT and BPO.

    So can anyone guide me regarding the investments, ROI, % improvement and success rates/% in IT and/or BPO industry?

    Unfortunately getting concrete data and figures is getting difficult for me and I have to complete my research soon ans submit the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Can someone please guide me for the foll queries:

    For Six Sigma projects executed at BPOs and other back office processes like Loan Processing, Claims processing, etc.

    1. Generally, what % of Six Sigma projects are successful?
    2. What is the typical investment made on implementing Six Sigma principles for such…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the response.

    Another question: What % of Six Sigma projects are successful (generally, since it may not have a 100% success story)?

    Also can someone advise if there is any research paper relating to these topics in Six Sigma?


  • Thoughts from the iSixSigma Community are welcome:When has incoming inspection added value, in your
    experience? Guidelines for implementing an effective and efficient
    incoming inspection program?

  • Agree that the formula does not include the population figure; what i am looking at is a valid answer as to why sample size should not be dependent on population size. the answer to be explanatory for someone who does not understand statistics

  • So in other words, this would be considered a pilot study, and if the alpha value is p<0.05  one would state the studies limitations due to size of sample, but that it might be worth larger study? Is that correct?

  • Mike,
    THANKS! So far what I am getting is 0.01 so far so good. Phew! Three years on this and thought it would be no good. Would that p-value give my hypothesis more power? Even with such a low number of participants?

  • Thank you for explaining how to set it up. Knowing my sample size is small, but one more question, what would be a statistically strong p value for a study like this, I know many errors, but just wondering?
    Thanks again

  • If you mean continuous, blood value MMA will be measured pre/blood value MMA will be measured post. ) Blood value B will be measured pre treatment then /Blood value B will be measured post treatment . Same value measured twice, but two different markers. (forgive my non statistical terms, only high school junior) All 30 subjects will be receiving…[Read more]

  • Yes 30 subjects measuring two lab values from pre/then post.So two values measured twice (start/end) Then a behvaioral assessment pre/then post(will be at the same time as the above values are obtained), the behavior  assessment measures 4 categories, but it will already be scored and a total then a subcore for each category. So a total score a…[Read more]

  • THANK YOU! I have not read the articles yet but it is nice to have information on both sides of the track!

  • I understand that it is the “new” trend, but JIT and TQM were in the same place at one point and time. Now they seem to be replaced by Six Sigma. I like the Six Sigma strategy myself, but now as a grad student I am trying to search for good and bad “stories” for my thesis.  I am falling short on empirical research and literature reviews on the…[Read more]

  • Sah replied to the topic Is Six Sigma Dead at GE in the forum General 15 years ago

    sixsigma, as every product, have its own lifetime and who care of that product lifecycle management, already know it from years. when a products is in its maturity stage, it can die or changed. for this reason sixsigma is now lean-sixsigma. now the point is to see if lean and ss work really well (better) togheter.

  • Sah replied to the topic Calculating Rolled Throughput in the forum General 15 years ago

    I’ve 1 defect per unit and using your formula I get rty=0,37, but my all pcs are fail, because each one have 1 defect. could you explane me?

  • Sah replied to the topic Guide me folks! in the forum General 15 years ago

    all sixsigma people I’ve meet till now, are always happy, relaxed and proud. I’ve never meet sixsigma people stressed, or unhappy. for this reason everybody, and myself, want be sixsigma people.

  • Sah replied to the topic Why QC is non Value Activity in the forum General 15 years ago

    Joe, absolutely agree. your rationale is correct. if someone think different, try to run an organizaztion without qc.

  • Sah replied to the topic Need help with testing methods in the forum General 15 years ago

    what you could do is : apply changes to your actual process as planned, for a defined sample of customer and check results with test. based on that, plan your hypothesis test.
    if you measure feedback through questionnaire, then you could have, at least, two KPIs : number or % of questionnaire received back (complete and/or incomplete) and a sco…[Read more]

  • Sah replied to the topic Need help with testing methods in the forum General 15 years ago

    test to be used depend by how do you measure customer feedback/satisfaction now. if you give more details, we can start to think about it togheter.

  • Sah replied to the topic improve supplier quality in the forum General 15 years ago

    Very easy. Become supplier’s sixsigma consultant and deploy it. If supplier not improve, change supplier and get new contract as consultants.

  • Sah replied to the topic Six-Sigma in the forum General 15 years ago

    Interesting discussion … You seems be ‘tuned’ … 

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