Sunil Anand


  • Hi CW,
    At Birlasoft, we have given training to over 300 technical consultants in US, and 500 in India.
    It seems you are just starting to do so … Yes, the first experience is going to be – ” This is not relevant to software”  or ” Six sigma applies to manufacturing only”. 
    You may very well let them know that leading software companies in I…[Read more]

  • Hi Sreenivas,
    There may be a number of ways to measure Sigma value of your process. A good starting point is defining your process itself.
    For eg, if you are measuring the sigma of sw development activity only, its sigma evaluation will be different from the evaluation for sw development and implementation.
    Once you know the exact process…[Read more]

  • Birlasoft is also implementing Six Sigma in software services. It has integrated Six Sigma with SEI CMM Level 5 processes.
    TCS and Patni too are implementing six sigma in a limited manner.
    (MBBs like me and BBs in Birlasoft, TCS, Patni work at client locations for using six sigma in services to GE). So you will find a lot of vendors in India…[Read more]