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    As long as we can align the external customer “Y” to leadership team KRAs and put a method in place to achieve this through “simple” or “quick” or “lean” means – it would work well. The key here is that Six Sigma must be spoken about, focused upon and made a key result area for every one in the organization top-down.

  • We tried this in our company – and it worked.

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    To think of it we know what kind of credibility did ISO 9001:1994 landed organizations into down the line, when many companies had certifications purely for market requirements and not for serious process improvement efforts. And yes there are registering bodies who ensured that there were more and more orgn. getting “certified” so as…[Read more]

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    Hi folks

    On going thru these emails it appears that possibly because of a non-representation or because of lack of a more visible forum, we BB’s/MBB’s/GMBBs and Champions mostly apprear like those blind men with the elephant.
    I am a trained Six Sigma Black Belt – I was trained by practicing MBBs from Six Sigma Academy and Johnson Controls. And…[Read more]