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    What is the value-add to you?  If you have the track record and the technical knowledge, then lack of an ASQ certification shouldnt hold you back in any way….I would expect little tangible return….

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    If someone cant properly answer a very basic question or has a history of giving poor advice, wouldn´t it affect your decision making in regards to this individual?

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    Ahh….another witness testing the comedic waters without a lifevest….two quick points:For true ascerbic wit in this forum, take off your training wheels and benchmark the master…senor Stan…who I feel shall display his talent shortly. And they dont have fed ex or your neighborhood library in the jungles of Colombia.

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    Why do I feel like the guy who just put a twenty down on a game of 3 card monty?

  • There are two things to consider here:  What is your project metric and  how are you going to make your business case.  You need to determine your projet metric (Y) before you can calculate the BC.  Reducing lead time is huge for a GB project unless your process is incredibly simple….I would map the process from customer order to delivery, gat…[Read more]

  • With all due respect, this is not the best advice. 
    You need to understand what you are trying to do in your analysis before you can determine where to go from here.  This is why a Data Collection Plan in the Measure phase is so critical…..Normality is not always a critical assumption that needs to be met…determine first what questions you n…[Read more]

  • Darth as usual provides stellar advice….i have seen multiple pitches and attended multiple training events where the same tired, historical reiteration was…..reiterated…….
    Here is an idea.  Don´t tell him anything and pitch nothing.  Determine your scope of influence and apply the tools and techniques to the BP issues-elements within yo…[Read more]

  • Yep…and good times it was…this is what management does when it doesnt have the insight or the fortitude to properly learn and deploy the skill set….you can be successful, perhaps, maybe, tal vez……
    Charter, Charter, Charter…..YOU CAN NOT WORK A 6S PROJECT under these conditions….I have the pink slip to prove it….but you can work a…[Read more]

  • Oh yeah….and dont call it sigma or lean…call it your style of project management…..others will disagree with this, but there can be a great deal of negativity and pushback with 6S and Lean in certain people and organizations….remember, you are essentially entering into a SME workplace and telling him what he or she is doing wrong…..CAP…[Read more]

  • First ask why do they want you to redesign the stated process?  What is the objective of the exercise?  If they just want you to ¨make it better¨ in some nebulous sense, I would start working on your balance scorecard issues and project charter….and dont do anything until you AND they better understand the collective expectations.  If they cant…[Read more]

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    I remember homework.
    The t statistic is used to determine whether two means are statistically different. The formula uses the means of the two samples, their standard deviation and sample size. The t value is then evaluated against your alpha to determine if your null hypothesis can be rejected or not.
    The CI and CL are used together to tell you…[Read more]

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    I like the help sections of MTB….if you have it, which i would assume you would if in training….even better, attending the MTB weeklong course after your sigma training i think would be invaluable….good luck.

  • Try the blue bar to your left….New to six sigma for example….good luck

  • This isnt sigma….first find out what you are trying to accomplish…if you cant say what the problem is (deviation from desired performance), why you care (business case), and what success is going to look like (goal statement)….you dont dont have even the beginning of a project.
    You need to focus on Defining and scoping your opportunity[Read more]

  • I cant stand this empty rhetoric….anything analytical can be bought or taught and assessing leadership abilities assume the evaluator properly understands the subject, which few people do. 
    Find the people that get things done. That require little instruction and push hard in terms of task accomplishment.  Get out and walk around, get on th…[Read more]

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    If you ran this throught MTB i would suggest going into the help section of the GR&R and read through the control charting effects….great insight to found there…good luck.

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    First, from a lean perspective, is this actually reducing your throughput time?  I dont know if I understood you correctly, but I didnt catch that part…moving a QC function upstream is not (usually) your best option in terms of reducing the overall throughput time for your product.
    Secondly, from a sigma standpoint, why arent you moving…[Read more]

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    Very little data.  Be careful.  A t-test is better here than your median based test, as they are designed for extremely small samples with an unknown population variance measure, although 6 data points is awfully thin statistically speaking.  You can also look at simpler MSA techniques as well:  a simple calibration test (test, retest) in whi…[Read more]

  • John,
    Let me first own up to the fact that i have no idea what you just said.  Now, i think you this is getting way too complicated in terms of how to understand your VOC and more importantly, how to communicate said findings to your change agents. A quick idea:

    Take your 9 target questions and ask two additoinal questions (for example):  H…[Read more]

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    I think absolutely, but my opinion comes from a military background.  Here is a quick model I work from in attempting to influence others, which is simply to effect a change in behavior.  I work off the assumptions that influential effects are cumulative and sequential, with one being of greater influence than number two, etc. 

    Influence thr…[Read more]

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