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    Prior ro running any type of DOE or non-convnetional discovery tool. Just try talking to the work force. Ask them what the problem may be. Involve them with the data gathering process. Guide them and make every effort to make sure you use the information, it is up to you to ask the right questions.
    As far as SPC goes what you measure may link…[Read more]

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    My first thought is WOW! Now are the 10 factors you have selected really all that important  (?) or do you just think they are important based on previous process knowledge. Is this a mechanical design? I have run many designs on mechanical designs that at first the process owners felt that there were many more important factors that there really…[Read more]

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    For GB training to have a real impact to the company and not just the individual, management has to see the value in the use of the tools and the people using the tools. If management sees no value the GB is just more hype. If they see value in people using the tools and getting real measurable results by all means plant the seeds, nuture the GB’s…[Read more]

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    A good place to start is to go to the shop floor and talk with the operators. Where is their pain? What causes them to miss shipments? What is driving defects? Where is the long pole in the production tent? Speak with the shop supervisors and managers what is causing them pain? If you ask they will talk. Get the people on the floor involved, they…[Read more]

  • If you are able to compress a work area or cell the amount of sq ft. saved is not something you can trace to bottom line savingg. Are you not still paying for the building? The fixed cost does not go down. If howerve, you now are able to move in new work that was heretofor not accomplished in the building you could claim revenue for the spot. Just…[Read more]

  • Your first project did not generate the savings you expected. OK, try again. In many small companies change is very difficult to implement and manage. You need to make Six Sigma the norm not the exception. Energize your people, everybody should be a part of the team. Using the tools is not always the answer, as was stated in an earlier post “you…[Read more]