• Yeldo replied to the topic defining opportunity in the forum General 18 years, 8 months ago

    Hi Jon,
    Its a very good question as sigma calculation is pre-dominantly dependent on the opportunities for error.
    It is very necessary to therefore take a pragmatic view of how we define the opportunities. We will be able to define the opportunities for error by obtaining answers to the following questions
    a. How many processes are present i…[Read more]

  • Hello Tim,
    The first step in executing Six Sigma is to choose the right project. Six Sigma is based on facts and figures and only projects where relevant facts and figures are available, will you be able to ensure the success of six sigma. One of the main reasons of failure of six sigma is the project on which it is implemented.
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    Hi Vince,
    I feel that the IDOV method would be most suited to achieve your target of 25 calls/day from the present level of  17 calls/day.
    Identify the factors or processes which enable you to only handle 17 calls/day. These could be things like handling time, call distribution per individual, etc. Once these factors or processes are…[Read more]

  • Six Sigma needs to be advertised within organisation using communication tools like intranet, mails, etc. Frequency of regular communication is important. Six Sigma projects within the organisation needs to be given prominence in terms of publicity (notice boards, mails, etc).
    Benifits in terms of cost savings, cycle time reduction, etc of six…[Read more]