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    Dear Shailesh,
    There is a possibility that the factor does not have any relation with the response variable. The one correlation derived from one month data might be acccidental, and the thing to remember is that “Correlation is not equal to Causation”. Cause is established using subject matter expertise and exploring possibility of relation…[Read more]

  • Dear Charmed,
    I am not surprised by your post, infact I was expecting it.
    Your point is valid. I think it differently and I dont think so it is a problem as long as I make it clear what is being said.
    If JJ has further clarifying question, would be happy to help.

  • Dear Charmed,
    The formulas were facts about how to calculate (straight answers to straight questions ). Now that since you are talking about should one calculate sigma after DPMO ?
    My two penny – Ofcourse not! It does not make any sense to calculate sigma. Just DPMO and period.
    As far as data is concerned I am not sure if 50 is defects or…[Read more]

  • A. Singh replied to the topic Retaining BBs in the forum Finance 16 years, 4 months ago

    There is a high possibility that he was using the opportunity as a springboard.
    From hiring point of view, important thing to know is what are the personal goals of the candidate. Anyone with no goals or vagueness of goals or conflicting goals(with the org) is a risky proposition.
    The idea is to hire someone with whom you can see synergies and…[Read more]