• @aayanbule @Mike-Carnell  I was a bit remiss in my initial comment.  While CMMI appraisal and QA performed according the Capability Maturity Model are very audit-like they are also very different.  The goal is process improvement rather than strict compliance with policies, procedures, and standards.  As an appraiser, if we find that an orga…[Read more]

  • @aayanbule I am more in the @OliverKozak camp and maybe a more extreme case. I don’t like auditors and probably never will. Basically you stated you have been in industry for 15 years and an auditor for 10 years so for 67% of your career you have never really contributed anything original.

    Auditors walk around (on their busiest days) urinating…[Read more]

  • @aayanbule You’ve now changed from “Gamekeeper to Poacher” in some respects.  Rather than bring problems that need solving you’re now the “Problem Solver in Chief”.

    Qualifications will get you through some doors but solving problems is your measure of success.  To do that you need to understand them, facilitate the experts (the people working t…[Read more]