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    You will hear about the various versions of DFSS, such DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) and IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize, Verify), and how the methodology compares to Six Sigma. You will also learn about various critical DFSS tools,…[Read more]

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    Hi follo
    I have the same question now. Did you ever find out?Thanks,

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    Can anyone tell me what is the global benchmark for Return on Investment in 6Sigma if you were measuring it against training costs. What ratio should be achieved by the 6Sigma Department in relation to their cost to company i.e. should the benefits obtained be 5 x  Training costs.

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    Ive been reading the posts regarding the Lego Exercise. I am planning on running some in-house lean exercises, it would be great if you can email these across to me. Any other games would be greatly appreciated.
    my email is [email protected]

  • Thankyou Newbie, Dennis and Stan for your quick replies
    After reviewing all your points, I agree and will change my project Y to count rather than dollar variance. In hindsight, using dollar variance although will be a good financial benefit measurement but willl not be a true representation of the actual improvement as different boxes cost…[Read more]

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    I designed a website   which is called as software engineering tutorial
    i use asp as a front end and in  backend i  uses Ms Access for database
    the first page of the web contains the chapters of software engineering when the user will click any particular chapter , the notes of that related chapter will come in front of him  . we have a give…[Read more]

  • Hi Dear Ricky
    Would you please email me ([email protected]) some samples on Equipment/Machinery FMEA

  • Dear Akif,
    Six Sigma can be applied at any organization for process improvement. Six Sigma works on the principal of reducing variations in the process, thereby reducing defects.
    As you happen to work in Pakistan, I am a part of a consultancy firm that provides Six Sigma consultancy and are working to promote Six Sigma within Pakistan. Please…[Read more]

  • Dear BTDT
    sorry for being late, i dont have any negative values..i test my distributions based on the chi-square test and K-S test but i got rejected for all distribution i did.

  • Thank you for whatever…yes i am a master student but that dose not mean everything should be clear for me and also it doesnt mean that i dont know anythings …every body should learn even for small thing and when i contact you i want to learn…Anyway, i tried to use minitab but unfortuntaly i couldn’t do it…i am still asking if there is any…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your comments…I am a student in and i am doing now a dissertation of my master degree in Engineering my topics is Stochastics analysis of fabric structures (FEM) i need a mean and standared deviation to do some analysis by using that method…i have a data and i try to analysis them …at the end i got that this data are only fit…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your comments…for my case i have a data and i try to analysis them …at the end i got that this data are only fit lognormal distribution based on chi -square test and K-S test . what i want now if i have a mean and standard deviation of lognormal distribution how can convert them to norml distribution…i mean are there any…[Read more]

  • Thank you for message…when i analysised my results i found that it is not fitting regarding to chi square test and K-S test. i found it is fitting only in lognormal and largest Extreme value Distribution …for that reason i need a help to know how can i convert from lognormal to normal becusae i need at the end mean and standard distribution of…[Read more]

  • I never used these forums before but I never realized that there are this many loosers out there in the world.  Just to let you know this position is in the technology field and there are 5 other questions in the exam, which I answered  since I have another Master’s in Database technologies.  I did some research and I am about to find a logical an…[Read more]

  • Dart,
    I appreciate your kind response.  Actually I am not a high school student.  I received my MBA back in 1997 and back then I was excellent in Statistics.  Unfortunately, I am now a little rusty and am looking for a job where they are asking this question.  You are right, I could take a book and refresh my self but I have to return the ans…[Read more]

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    It is a very good question
    but why you relate ISO and Six Sigma, without ISO you can go for Six Sigma only thing is how you utilize your skill with minimum usages of resources. It will ensure your competition in world class business. One of  big /reputed company introduce Six Sigma with very high ambition and resources, but at the end of…[Read more]

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    i  am conufused about what to choose in a six sigma project relating to marketing . if any one have some suggestions kindly mail me before ,
    23 may ,2003 thanks

  • hello
    if  you  solve  your problem please send for me
    because I keep have this problem.”win16 subsystem of resource”

  • What’s the background to the question?