• Thanks, Daniel – I like the idea of a competition. The Powers That Be don’t – we’re also in the middle of some sticky CBA negotiations (never a dull moment, as my old plant manager used to say).

    I like the triage idea, Jeffery… And, again, stealing from KT (which Jay is doing, as well, I see!), I’d like some kind of hopper that says, “Is this a…[Read more]

  • Thank you.

    I don’t know that I agree with your premise that “stop asking the people on the line”. I’d rather have them engaged and thinking, and make sure I had better support systems to manage and prioritize their ideas.

    I’m not running a suggestion program. I’m working on employee communication – daily roll call meetings in every control room.…[Read more]

  • We’ve created a monster!

    We’re trying a few new things, which has resulted in [gasp] rank-and-file employees coming up with cost-saving and/or effectiveness-improving ideas.

    Now, the trouble is – What are we going to do about them?

    We are launching some corporate-mandated “project management” training. But most of these ideas require less “DMA…[Read more]

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    Thanks. There are some good ones in there – I’m always looking for good push/pull exercises.

    My most immediate need is something specific to Leader Behaviors. So I’m still easily suggestible!




  • Dear Internet:

    I’m leading a workshop in Leader Standard Work. In the past, as an icebreaker/energizer, I’ve done an exercise where:

    • One person steps outside
    • The group selects a “Leader”
    • The Leader develops some quick pattern of behavior – nonverbal
    • Everyone else mimics, repeatedly
    • The outside person comes back in and tries to…

    [Read more]

  • That’s what I thought, Chris. Just wanted to confirm. There are some loud and pushy people trying to use OEE as a cudgel, and some louder and pushier people trying to avoid any and all accountability. Ain’t life grand!

    Part of why I’m rusty on this is, I do try to avoid using OEE because it can frequently be a political tool – when it should be,…[Read more]

  • Trying to build some discipline around calculating “Availability”.

    Using the formula

    Availability = Operating Time / Planned Production Time, where

    • Operating Time = Planned Production Time – Downtime Loss, and
    • Planned Production Time = Plant Operating Time – Planned Shutdown Times

    (in other words, Availability = (Plant Operating Time -…[Read more]

  • “Remote” = up ten flights of stairs in an unairconditioned building running 1400F equipment on the Bayou, requires a crane to move anything of consequence in and out. Workers are in and out of there every day.

    There are, in fact, 5S Police. And they are typically staffed by folks in wrinkle-free trousers and pima cotton golf shirts, who believe…[Read more]

  • I would argue that none of those are problem SOLVING tools, but either problem CLARIFICATION tools are hypothesis-creation tools. That’s all super importan, and just shy of 75 percent of problems are solved by clarifying them, but for that last 25 percent you need something that will help you test destructively…thats one reason why I like KTs…[Read more]

  • Its not a thing – it’s just a made up example to show that Is Nots have power BECAUSE they’re true. You can destroy (false)potential causes when you say, “How can it be true that this is happening, and also that this other thing is NOT happening?”

    Like in my (again, made up) example, if a Pernicious Engineer insists that carbon is leaking…[Read more]

  • “Is Nots” are also true.

    It is 100 percent true that black specks occur when we run ATC329. It is also 100 percent true that we do not have black specks when we run ATC390 or BHG350.It is also 100 percent true that we do not have brown specks, gray specks, or red specks when we run ATC 329.

    So your Is/Is…[Read more]

  • Just did a Sort and Set in a remote area of the plant, on a high floor.

    There’s a large piece of scaffolding that Maintenance apparently abandoned years ago – no one remembers the last time it was used.

    We red tagged it and sent out an email.

    The Maintenance Supervisor said – “We will leave it in place until we need it.”

    Happy to fight…[Read more]

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