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  • I think you can consider ARIS as one of the Business Process Modelling software which has industry wide acceptance and excellent capability to model the business process. There are various levels available in ARIS through which you can model your entire organization starting from Organization structure to detailed process flows. 7 years ago

  • If the demand is not clear, how did you figure out the Takt Time
    I suggest you to use some predictive modelling technique such as Regression analysis to predict the demand and based upon that you need to determine the manpower requirement.
    7 years ago

  • For the first three points you just need to input the data in any of the statitical softwares and get the descriptive statistics. By default SPSS or Minitab gives the 95% confidence interval for mean and standard deviation.
    Attaching the output for your data obtained through SPSS. You may further refer Statistics for Management by Levin and Rubin…[Read more]

  • Change in the culture is a slow process which required change in the way employees perceive their own work and its significance in achieving organizational goal.

    In order to initiate the cultural change, one needs to clearly state the objective and expected benefits of the change to the top management and post getting the buy-in from them, it…[Read more]

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    A good explanation of Theory of Constraint. I think that Theory of Constraint can be used along with Value Stream Mapping and other RCA tools such as Ishikawa Diagram and the findings can be further validated using Pareto analysis to focus the improvement efforts.

  • The main difference between Mean Absolute Deviation (calculated by taking the absolute value of difference around mean) and standard deviation (calculated by squaring the differences and then adding them up and finally taking the Square Root) is that Standard Deviation gives more weightage to the extreme value and hence is considered a better…[Read more]

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  • I agree with CFB.
    The most important point in six sigma project is to clearly identify the scope of the process based upon which one can easily identify the customer.
    As an example, let us take an ‘Appraisal’ process of an organization. Let is consider that the scope includes all the full time employees who have worked more than a year.
    In this…[Read more]

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