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  • It’s been a while since I’ve workied with this, but the rule of thumb, at least in mortgage payments, is to do everything you can to get bi-monthly payments as it significantly reduces the interest portion of the payment.  Everytime a payment is made the interest clock is reset.  Please don’t hold me to this as gospel, like I said its been a w…[Read more]

  • Dave,
    I’ve been given inventory as part of my job responsibilities.  We have been cycle counting for 2 or 3 years, but nothing has changed.  We make paint so our inventory is chemical: bulk, container and bag.   We have never been able to get a handle on variations from one count to another.  I have no training in control so I’m going on a hunt…[Read more]

  • Dave,
    Again, thanks.  The last three areas of waste you sent are fairly general and will require brainstorming in a team setting.  The first item we will look at, however, will probably be Inventory which we can’t seem to get our arms around.
    Thanks again,

  • GDS,

  • Sorry to sound ignorant after performing as Quality Systems Manager for 7 years.  What are the 7+ wastes?

  • Will you accept an uneducated guess from an unknowing unexpert?  If so, my uneducated guess is that it sounds like a simplified Control Plan focused on process capability.  Establish Capability levels from fully capable to a predetermined out of control situation.  At each level, establish an appropriate response designed to bring the process to…[Read more]

  • Dear XLCR,
    Please do not take offense at my comments, but one thing you can do to improve your image is to improve your spelling and grammar.  I am convinced that the face we show the world through our communication skills strongly displays to others our mastery of our “Quality” skills.
    Good communication skills allows us to present to others a…[Read more]

  • Boy, you’ve got me by the throat.  I’m too far away from this.  Does E=MC2 ring a bell?
    Hoping you have a sense of humor,
    Andy Brody

  • Marc;
    That was an excellent exposition of implementing SPC.  My response lacked that detail which I should have included but I was under a time constraint.  When I initiated the program at my last job, that is exactly how I did it.
    Well Said.  I hope Bill gets this.
    Andrew M. Brody
    Quality Systems Manager
    Marcus Paint Co.
    Louisville, KY

  • Dig for a process that is wildly out of control (if you have one) or at least out of control.  Chart the process and with the help of the operator differentiate the causes (common/special). Attack the common causes to tighten up the process – keep charting until you start to make a change as you target the problem.  Mistake Proofing may help y…[Read more]

  • Just because 68% of the data points fall within +/- 1 Std. Dev.does not define what that 1 std. dev. is.  All you have is an estimation at least as I read your statement.  I may have missed your point totally for which I apologize.
    Andrew M. Brody

  • This works well if you make widgets.  We make paint which is a batch operation which means that every inspection is a 100% inspection at each quality gate.  By definition, a sample of a homogenious mix is representative of the entire batch.  A test of that sample is valid for the entire mix, blend or batch.  Any adjustment is included in the pro…[Read more]

  • You have my sympathies.  I have been where you are and made it out the other end.  We used QS 9000 as the benchmark quality standard in order to have a reference standard to compare all of our process documentation against.  We established a priority list to keep us from jumping from one project to another.  This will require working with your…[Read more]

  • My statistical knowledge would fit in a thimble.  However I remember first learning about the Null Hyp. about 10 years ago or so studying for the CQEIT.  I had an interesting thought about our court system.  If  95% is the AH (Guilty), and the Jury produces a Guilty verdict in a Capital case where the defendant’s verdict is based on the pre…[Read more]

  • Tim,
    I’m not sure you’ve provided enough info., however, if your Sr. Mgt. is not open to it, You’re almost dead in the water, because when times get rough you will not have the support you need to continue a project against peer opposition. 
    Next, If you are BB or even GB trained, try to tackle a meaningful project that will get their a…[Read more]

  • After reading David’s and Carol’s responses to you, Billy Bob, I tend to agree with David that there are too many “touches” in your system, and, ideally, direct data input into minitab would be ideal.  However, I can also relate to the dilemma that the expense is prohibitive.
    Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of software you are using to p…[Read more]

  • Marv,
    MB at corporate site who can function at the executive level and site (middle management) levels comfortably.  BB at each site with the appropriate infrastructure.  The interface between the MB and various BBs would assure that the corporate mission and goals would drive the projects and assure that they remain properly focused through c…[Read more]

  • Whether the 12 employees were involved in the reengineering process or not, they should have been informed of the process from the start with the reassurance that their employment would not be in jeopardy and that they would be redeployed.  This would have allayed any fears that may be developing from rumors that inevitably arise when a…[Read more]

  • You may want to contact the ASQ to see if they will let you benchmark off how they do their salary surveys.
    Andrew M. Brody

  • What we do is slightly different, I will translate it into your parameters.  After the close of a month, convert all Finished Goods production (Do not include WIP.)  into hard dollars based on the cost of your production.  Divide this figure into the total dollars (also based on cost of production) of product shipped for the same month.  This…[Read more]

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