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Anne Stanton has a combination of business and technical expertise. She started her career in the 80s as a programmer working with ancient languages like Fortran 77, Basic, Turbo Pascal and Cobol and then built out her expertise as a master of software applications. Mid stride in 2005, she summarized her mix of computer science and business experience by going back to school. She completed her MBA with a sub specialty in Accounting. Anne has spent twenty six years working with technology and is still very passionate about all that it can do to help businesses excel. Her recent focus has been working with the Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. She was awarded as the 7th Microsoft MVP for CRM and has a long running blog, ( and twitter feed (crmlady) on the subject. She has worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a customer, partner practice leader and consultant starting with version 1.2 which was released in 2004. Anne is currently a Principal Business Analyst for FM Global in Johnston, RI.

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