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  • I definately agree that if bonuses are to be awarded based on savings, the whole team should recieve a bonus (possibly even the same mout of bonus or the same proportion of their base salary.)
    Becasue of the slipperiness of rules for calculating savings (and cost avoidance savings are among the most slippery…), I believe that teams and BB’s…[Read more]

  • I agree.  I ended up pursuing and obtaining an MBA after a few years in engineering, because I wanted to know what the accountants knew, and how to get my projects past their “hurdles”.  Cost avaoidance is not “real” savings, and you can argue for years about the validity of one set of  “what counts” rules for vs. another. Never the less, it is …[Read more]

  • In my (very large) organization, they did not allow the people designated for BB training to be replaced by their “home” departments, nor did they transfer the personnel budgets, evaluation responsibilities or Champion role, even though projects were selected all over the place organizationally. .  In the technical / design/engineering areas,…[Read more]

  • Joe – I think you’re spot on, and it’s Stan who is clueless about DFSS. 
    But then again, I’m the DFSS expert in my organization who keeps carping about the iterative and inter-related nature of all design work / engineering – ESPECIALLY where you are designing processes which will be performed by the most highly variable “raw material” you nor…[Read more]

  • Jim – In theory they certainly could be, but I don’t know of any examples.  I am a DFSS expert for a manufacturing firm, and the people who design our HR, purchasing, project management etc. systems do an extremely poor job of “designing” the transactional systems and processes associated with these functions.  Few or none of them are or a…[Read more]

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    Look to your left on the screen.  A reasonable start is listed under Six Sigma Basics with the topic name “DMAIC or DMADV?”   Also, try a search using DFSS or Design for Six Sigma as the search parameters. 

  • I was fortunate enough to have read the original posting before it was pulled. Please note my GE service is less than 3 years, and I am not a long-term, disgruntled, change-resister. That said, the original post is full of truth. The Quality bureaucracy and metric gestapo that has sprung up to police projects, savings, and pitches is incredible.…[Read more]