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  • My path:

    • B.S. Health and Wellness (wanted to be in sports medicine for a professional sports team…though I don’t watch sports)
    • Logistics officer in the army (got out as a captain)
    • Production supervisor in manufacturing (earned my LSSBB with @Mike-Carnell and  @VenerableBede as two of my MBB mentors)
    • Quality Engineer (manufacturing…

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  • @ahiru-san I’ve worked with teams like you described, where there’s a similar desired outcome (no scrap in your case) but very different actual outcomes by person, even when processes were similar. I agree with Strayer’s response in that you’d likely benefit from some standardization of processes using your best performers’ behaviors, approaches,…[Read more]

  • Vijay, for perception based surveys I recommend evaluating the reliability by issuing the assessment twice and determining if there is a statistically significant correlation (p<.05) between responses using a chi-square test. That is to say, when I give a response of ‘3’ in the morning, I should also give a response of ‘3’ or ‘4’ in the afternoon…[Read more]

  • Hey Josh, I may be jumping in a bit late here with the substantive responses above so I’ll briefly focus on the workplace motivation part. My master’s is in I/O psychology and I’ll warn you that even if your assessment has passed the various tests of validity and reliability and you have a statistically significant correlation between survey…[Read more]

  • Hey Daniel,

    There’s a lot of good advice out there and above, so I’ll simply say, make sure you include the folks doing the work and don’t steam roll their ideas. A lesson learned from a manufacturing plant I worked in where they had conducted kaizens in the past, was that the employees were allowed to voice their opinions and concerns, but none…[Read more]

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  • Ken, you’ve definitely brought up one of the more challenging circumstances to be in. That said, much of what Eric described above is applicable to your current circumstance as well.
    1. Take advantage of […]

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