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    am new here and have a few doubts regarding Takt time at our place. We have a mix of products with one resource ( press ) being used for 5 different products. For eg. we need to make 50 nos. of product A, 40 of B, 50 of C, 60 of D and 50 of E each day. Our working day is 16 hrs. For each product TT calculation what is the time i take as available. Is it 16 hrs or a percentage based on some factor?



    Hey Nitin
    thanks for the a matter of fact, we have identified about 32 X’s…my question was if someone can guide me on the practical steps in the implementation of the six sigma framework. as per theory i need to come out with wat the relationships are between the KPIV’s and then statistically test them…since i am a beginner to this field, i wanted some one to guide me on the nuances of the implementation. .if i can contact u for this…cud u send across ur email id?



    I am doing a project where I am trying to implement a six sigma framework for the telesales process. The telesales process here is used for lead generation. has anyone done anything similar or can give me an idea on how to go about it?
    i know the usual tools of DMAIC…in this case, my Y has to be increased from x to y leads per month. and my X has many including training given to the telesales agents, length of campaign etc…
    it is at this point tat i am stuck, can anyone guide me on how to go about further with this?



    I wouldn’t exactly call 6-Sigma to be sick. . . It does help narrow down to the “Vital Few Vs Trivial Many”. . .Here’s a story of how Delivery Time of Milkshakes got reduced by 50%, thanks to Six-Sigma….it does mean a lot when you deliver 5 Million Milkshakes a year….



    You could initiate your searches on the following terminologies, to get a better insight into the metrics you’d like to track….Arjun

    Call Center Software Terminlologies


    Automatic Call Distribution. Automatically routes calls to the appropriate call center reps by matching customer phone numbers with a database. You specify which agents should take certain calls based on the customer’s products, geography, or any other parameter.


    Average handle time. The mean time a call center rep spends with a client on the phone plus the amount of work spent on the account after the call.


    Automatic Number Identifier. Shows you the phone numbers of incoming calls, similar to caller ID for home telephone service. Call center reps use it to immediately pull the callers’ details up on screen for a call.


    Application Service Provider. Off-site hosting option allowing you to access your call management software that’s running on a third-party provider’s network.


    A call management software feature that automatically dials phone numbers and provides a pre-recorded message that prompts the listener to press the phone keypad to respond. Autodialing also keeps track of call times, length of call, and the call results. Also known as Auto Dialer.

    Call accounting

    Application that captures and archives call data from your phone system and then organizes it into reports. Call accounting helps you keep costs under control and allocate expenses throughout the call center.

    Call blending

    Allows call center agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls depending on call volume.

    Call center

    Handles customer inquiries from web forms, email, and phone calls and routes them to available agents. Can be an internal department or an outsourced service. Call centers offer services for help desk, customer service, directory assistance, emergency response, answering services, telemarketing, and more.

    Concurrent users

    Total number of people that can use a call center function simultaneously.

    Conditional routing

    Changes call center routing based on situations that you define. Conditional routing uses “if-then” programming to let your call management software know what it should do. (Example: If you receive more than five calls at once, additional calls should be routed to an available agent.)

    Contact Centers

    Another term for call centers.


    Customer Relationship Management. Focuses on compiling information about customers from multiple sources and acting on that data. Also known as ERM (Electronic Relationship Management).


    Computer Telephony Integration. Combines the functionality of computers and telephones using software, hardware, and programming to improve the customer experience. Call centers use CTI to allow you to view customer information on screen while on the phone to save time.


    Dialed Number Identification Service. Indicates what number the customer called from. Call center routes inquires to appropriate agents based on user-defined information.

    Database call handling

    Processes phone calls according to information in the call center database.

    Handled calls

    Number of calls that come in to a call center and are handled by agents or computers.

    Handling time

    Amount of time an agent spends talking to a client, or the length of time it takes to process transactions.

    Help desk

    Call centers focused on answering customers’ questions about computer hardware and software, specifically product installation, usage, and problems.

    Hold time

    Length of time a caller waits before a call center rep takes the call. Call management software helps to reduce the time callers spend waiting for someone to respond to them.


    Interactive Voice Response. Allows customers to access information using speech recognition or by pressing buttons on their phone keypads. Helps limit the time call center agents spend on the phone answering simple customer questions.

    Internal response time

    Time it takes call center agents that support other groups in an organization to respond to customer inquiries.

    Least cost routing

    A black box that you purchase from your phone company containing software that allows you to see which dedicated lines are available for you to dial out. Least cost routing then selects the least expensive option.

    Multimedia handling

    Uses call center agents’ downtime from taking customer phone calls to take care of inquiries by other forms of media such as email, fax, web, and chat. All questions and orders are tracked the same for other media as they would be for standard phone calls.

    Offshore call center

    A call center provider located outside the U.S. to save businesses money.


    Private Branch Exchange. In-house telephone switching system that connects all phone extensions to each other and to an external network. PBX can include various functions for customer management software including least cost routing, call forwarding, and call accounting. 

    Predictive dialing

    Automatically places calls and only connects them to agents when a live person answers. The system uses previous averages of talk time to predict when agents will be done with calls and will be available to take new ones. Predictive dialing helps minimize downtime and improve call center efficiency. Also known as Predictive Dialer.

    Preview dialer

    Allows you to view the contact information of the caller before making or taking phone calls.


    Menu selections in an IVR system that give callers multiple options for information they would like to get or a representative they want to speak to.


    Customers on hold waiting for available call center agents to take their calls. Allows reps to take calls based on account priority or who called first. You can let callers know how long they have been waiting and how much time before their calls are answered.


    Relational Database Management System. Links files together by comparing data to create single files. Allows you to cross-reference information, such as customer names and account numbers, to run queries related to all sets of data.

    Real time data

    Call center information that is constantly updated to show how many calls are in queue and the average wait time.

    Remote access

    Ability to access a call center’s central database from any location using an Internet connection and a laptop.


    Real-time information on current call center performance, or overall performance over a specific time period.

    Skill-based routing

    Allows you to list each call center agent’s strong points – sales, specific products, or technical skills – and have callers distributed to them based on those skills.

    Soft phone functionality

    Using computers to control phone calls.

    Screen pop

    Displays customer information on call center agents’ screens at the same time they answer a call.

    Speech recognition

    System that automatically converts speech into text that call center reps can view on their computer screens. Also known as IVR.

    Time-per-call average

    The length of time a call center rep spends on the phone with a customer.


    Uniform call distributor. Allocates calls to agents and provides some reporting functions. Less sophisticated version of automatic call distributors (ACD).


    Value Added Reseller. Company that sells another distributor’s customer management software with its own enhanced service offerings such as customization and customer support.


    Voice Response Unit. Automated system that responds to a caller’s speech or phone keystrokes without immediate need for an operator. Also known as IVR.


    Voice Over Internet Protocol. Technology that allows you to make phone calls through your PC. Most customer management software supports VoIP, which allows you to save money vs. standard phone systems. 

    Workforce management

    Various options that facilitate call center processes including real-time call monitoring, recording, scripting, and call forecasting.

    Wrap-up codes

    Helps identify the types of calls that call center agents work with.



    Hello Jim,
    Thanks for your response. You’ve given me the solution i was searching for. I will take it with my management to get me into a DFSS BB Training Program and post 6-Sigma Deployment will look for a Certification on the way ;-)
    I even got some good names like KPMG, ISI, QAI etc that provide support in India, thanks to the list in this forum per link below.
    Here’s what i plan on doing. . .
    Looking for Sigma Levels

    Phase-I (Have done for 160 Processes, another 100 more)
    Identify Metric to be tracked
    Define Critical-to-Quality & Critical-to-Process
    Define Defect Definitions & Opportunities

    Communication, Brain-storming on Metrics to be tracked & making Changes – Business Heads
    Setting Measurement Systems in place, Calibrate with Internal Auditors – No Gage Issues
    Educate Users on CTQ & CTP parameters and Measurement System 

    Build Internal Check System for Audits & Reporting – Daily/Weekly/Monthly
    Prescribed Formats for Dashboards (MIS will collate Sigma Levels across processes)
    Formal Review Mechanism for process Dashboards to roll up to HOD – Across Country
    Process SOP’s, Process FMEA, Project Review Teams, Rewards & Recognitions will be in the Next Cycle.
    Please let me know if I’ve missed anything or if i can do it better. . .
    Have a Great Day!



    Guess it’s a leaner version of a Problem Solving Process with emphasis on CAP stressing that “Teamwork, Works”. Less data intense that 6-Sigma.



    From yesterday to today, read a stream of thoughts on becoming an MBB…well, my question is on becoming just a BB. I’ve worked on 5-6 GB projects in last 2-3 years and my own project saved about Half-Million Dollars that got my GB Certification from gE.
    Can someone advise on my query? – Thanks!



    Dear Mr.Subrahmanyam,
    Post ISO Certification, we’re looking for 6-sigma Deployment across 10-12 Vertical Depts. (Backoffice, IT, HR, Admin, etc).
    As it all starts with a metric to measure and eventually improve sigma levels, i’m currently Defining what we will be measuring in each sub-process (Approx 200+ processes), with a measurement system (Internal Auditors), Reporting Structure, Review Mechanism (Dashboards) complete with formats to the minute detail. As you’d be aware a phenomenal effort goes into this, and i was wondering whether this could be sufficient cause for me to do it as a Black Belt project, thereby learning the nuances & tricks and eventually getting certified as well. I’m already a Green Belt from GE.
    Phase-II, I’m planning to do process FMEA’s for all these sub-processes to select key projects and improve sigma levels in desired areas.
    Any thoughts, assistance in guiding me in the right direction is always welcome and i highly appreciate your time in responding to my query.
    Warm Regards,
    Arjun – Mumbai – M#98203-68486



    We are in service industry. At this point of time, Objective is to know the processes in sigma levels (Current Capability) and improve there upon at org level by taking up projects at all levels, whether Lean or 6-sigma.
    Ofcourse, the top areas that are “Must Improve” are being addressed as seperate projects…



    Thanks Vinay for your response. Flowcharts and Process Manuals exist at every sub-process, thanks to ISO 9001:2000 certification.
    Now we are trying to define CTQ’s & CTP’s for each process with Defect Definitions and Opportunities within each boundry of process and setup a measuring system to observe the current process capability in terms of Sigma Levels.
    In this context, will this huge 3 month exercise of drill down, with individual checklists, audit teams etc contribute in making it an effectively repeatable, reproducable process mean a BB Project, though there will be no tangible cost saving but long term returns for further scoping?



    Will really appreciate if anyone can respond to this posting with your valuable opinion. Really need this information as quickly as possible.



    hi janus
    Well I am looking forward to do my dissertation on Six Sigma in the service industry. I will be collecting data from the already existing organizations who have applied Six Sigma in the service industry successfully. I will be meeting the quality teams who have applied six sigma. This is a topic not many people have done research on but recently GE capital have applied six sigma in the service side. So I would help you out with whatever queries you have. Infact can you also let me know how are you gonna go about it?
    take care



    I know what you mean Darth.



    hi! everyone
    Well Orlando was right in whatever he said. Darth don’t mind but you don’t know how to help people. Your somewhat harsh reply was plain stupid to me. Neways as Orlando rightly said that I was not looking for someone to do my work for me. I was just looking for people to give me ideas. I have done my research on “comparing six sigma with TQM ” but I cannot take that topic as my friend has already chosen it. He might work on Lean six Sigma as well. So I have run outta topics thas all. I just needed direction which I am afraid you cudnt provide darth. I just needed plain simple information not ” pls do my work”.

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